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If you ask the enormous amount of online shooting games players the reason they engage in shooting games, you will find the motivations as varied as the types of shooting games available on the internet. You will also discover that not all shooting games are played with deadly weapons or for the same motivating factor. All however, do sharpen skills of some nature or another.

The initial thought that probably enters your mind when you hear the term shooting games is machine guns, canons, pistols, semiautomatics, rifles, shotguns, bomb and flame throwers and the like. However, although there are thousands of shooting games that do incorporate these weapons of destruction, a number them of do not implement any weaponry at all.

lara croft gamesTake into consideration the sport of basketball. In basketball shooting games, no ammunition is required, just a trusty basketball and net. In this arena you can amuse yourself by shooting free throw drills, or participate in games with the same professional rules as the NBA and college games. There are even Massively Multiplayer Online Games or MMOG basketball games where you can play street basketball against other players and even talk smack with them, just as you would in a real life game.

One can find billiard games to play where you shoot pool. This category of shooting games offers various methods of playing pool with a favorite free online game of billiards entitled Trick Shot Billiards. In this pool game you can either play alone shooting through thirty different levels of trick shots or you can play globally with others via creating and sharing customized levels with an assortment of players from around the world.

Furthermore there are archery shooting games where you shoot a bow and arrow. Most are devised for target shooting and hunting, however there are some designed solely for the sheer entrainment value and for crazy fun like Apple Shooter designed by Wolf Games. In this shooting game, you try to shoot the apple off your friend’s noggin but you had better be a crack shot or you could very easily injure your buddy.

Another shooting game not necessarily a typical shoot em up game is Crazy Monkey’s Word Shoot. This shooting game found in the play free games arena, combines shooting enjoyment with spelling and typing practice. Simply type the word that appears below your enemy that materializes in the game field, merely hit enter to shoot and if the word is spelled correctly, the enemy will be blown into smithereens by your shot.

The adversary is shooting simultaneously at you every time a new word/enemy is presented, so the faster you type the vocabulary words correctly, the longer you survive. This is a grand twist on the old mundane typing exercises to train you to type faster and more accurately.

Engaging in shooting games harbors an assortment of benefits whether they are a free online game initiated in the play free games category or of the fee based genus. Nothing is better at alleviating stress, pent up anger and frustration however, than shooting games.

With every pull of the trigger and target successfully demolished, another layer of anxiety dissipates. Some consider it reminiscent of grabbing a pillow and pulverizing it with fists of fury as part of anger management, except much more pleasurable and entertaining!


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Playing funny games is a favorite activity for all age groups ranging from the very young to seniors enjoying their golden years. The reason for playing comical games also has a wide variety of motivating factors. First and foremost is internet gaming has set precedence as the number one online activity taking place at any given moment on the worldwide web.

They are additionally downright addicting, and the most obvious reason being that they are oodles of fun. Regardless of how you choose to slice it though, there are hidden benefits beyond the assorted apparent reasons for engaging in funny games.

fun games onlineParents permit their children to play funny games because they are a tremendous opportunity to teach these youngsters basic developmental skills such as eye to hand coordination, learning their colors and numerals, and recognizing the letters of the alphabet which enables them to learn how to spell their names, for example.

Children have always responded positively to being taught in entertaining fashion like singing songs and clapping to the beat while learning valuable information and life lessons. However, the advent of computer games using flash has intrinsically broadened the spectrum of witty methods and effects to be learned.

Educators, students and the general public will validate that learning via having fun is a major element involved in retaining presented information in our brains, consequently making funny games an accepted genre in educational games for scholars of all ages. However, humorous games are not only for instructive purposes. Countless numbers of gamers play funny games to pass some time while waiting for an event or for a break to step away from something intense at work.

Others play amusing games as their personal choice for recreation and the sheer entertainment value they proffer. Senior citizens play funny games as part of their leisurely routine while thoroughly enjoying the relaxing retirement stage of their lives they have so diligently earned.

A further reason playing funny games has become entrenched in so many lifestyles is because it is so readily available. The play free online games venue is loaded with immeasurable numbers of free funny games to choose from.

While doing a search on the internet for funny games, your browser will provide pages of website results and within those, immense lists of games to select, making it virtually impossible to run out of hilarious games choices. Now that we have discussed various reasons why gamers play funny games, let us now delve a bit deeper into the hidden benefits of playing funny games and find the most delectable aspect of them all.

The secret ingredient is that while playing funny games whether they are play free online games or educational games, is that they elicit our bodies self medicating properties therefore making them quite medicinal and awesome pain and stress relievers. Whenever we have a belly rolling laugh, or merely a giggle or chuckle, we cause our bodies to expel negative energy while allowing oxygen into our bloodstreams.

This oxygenated blood feeds every system and organ our bodies are composed of including our brains. This in turn energizes and rejuvenates us. It does not end there however, for every time we laugh while playing comical games, our brains release endorphins, a chemical proven by the medical field, to camouflage pain and induce pleasure. In essence, we obtain a natural high when those beloved funny games cause us to laugh and is indeed basis enough to commence playing.


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Who does not include the play free online games genre in their objective these days? Once it became quite evident that out of the entire online recreation available on the World Wide Web, the populace was spending more time playing internet games than anything else, it was inevitable that every organization imaginable would incorporate online gaming into their modus of operandi.

The purpose of this for many organizations however, was not to cash in on the multibillion dollar online game phenomenon like some, but rather to incorporate the play gratis online games to educate, inform, and train about the organizations or groups’ functions and purposes in a fun manner. Therefore today a copious number of institutes are utilizing complimentary funny games and educational games to accomplish this goal.

online gamersSuch games were designed for disease prevention, military practice, conflict resolution, preparation of emergency first responders, patient rehabilitation, sensitivity training and teaching and learning at all levels for all age groups on just about every topic imaginable.

Even the governmental agency NASA is providing play free online games to educate people on space exploration. A game called Moon-base Alpha features both a single player and multiplayer version of the game where players are dressed in an astronaut suit, supplied with the proper tools and instructed to reconstruct a lunar base that has been severely damaged and rendered inoperable by a recent meteor strike.

Another agency of the government, The Federal Bureau of Investigations, more commonly referred to as the FBI, has a play free online games section on their website with age appropriate levels for children to learn exactly what the FBI does via playing these fun web games. Quizzes, puzzles and interactive games are available in sections intended for kindergarten through fifth grade or middle school through high school.

One of the more popular activities with the younger children is a game where they get to select various pieces of a detective’s disguise preparing him for his upcoming stake out.

Educational games seem to lead the play free online games genre for many organizations and institutes. Games can be searched for on learning new languages where a game entitled Kanji can be discovered for assisting in the learning of the Japanese language by memorization of characters and vocabulary words.

Additionally, no cost or complimentary internet games also exist for learning the French and Spanish languages. Play free online games are available for learning neuroscience which offers game titles like Color Color where children learn how words influence us when they are presented in different colors and Face Recognition Game where youngsters are challenged by seeing how many faces they can recognize and identify upside down.

Whether learning about how to save energy within the household avoiding morphing into an energy vampire, teaching aliens from a foreign planet how to save themselves while being educated on waste management, how to properly dispose of household chemicals, or merely enjoying social interactions during down time, one thing in particular is abundantly clear.

The play free online games genre is an extremely popular one and makes up a cosmic portion of internet gaming in cyberspace.


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Once it was quite obvious that internet games were here for the long haul and their unrivaled popularity among children and students of all ages was not going to change or fade away, educators and other various experts began to seriously consider the implementation of educational games. They knew it would be a tremendous endeavor with a multitude of avenues to be considered, albeit teaching via educational games was essential in light of this colossal gaming phenomenon.

Experts collectively agreed that educational games offered the world a rare opportunity to influence students’ already established enthusiasm in gaming, and in order to reform education and promote healthy development, they must utilize them. They knew enough about digital games and how they worked to recognize their promise, thus the brainstorming began.

online gamingThey considered the veracity of young children being truly immersed in this world of video games and the play free online games craze already, so that when they introduced these children to kindergarten and instituted a no video games allowed rule, they would lose these kids, and lose them quickly. Experts additionally recognized and admitted that the same holds true for pupils of all ages, for online gaming constitutes a major portion of their lives.

The educators, scientists, and other experts had quite an endeavor before them, but the enormous responsibility of introducing gaming into the educational system, and the following impact it had for the potential of creating either positive or negative outcomes, could not deter them.

Presently educational games have an inroad into not only K through 12 and beyond, but in various industry and organizations as well. These games not only introduce young students into everyday basic necessity skills but are launching senior students into the skills required for the 21st century.

Funny games with recognizable characters develop motor skills along with eye hand coordination for the young students and instruct them on hygiene and health issues while utilizing colors. Sesame Street’s educational game Color Me Hungry teaches the importance of eating your colors by choosing fruits and vegetables to be included in meals. The game Germinator teaches children about germs and the healthy reasoning behind good cleanliness habits, for example.

Students in middle school are being taught diverse aspects of science through the development and implementation of numerous educational games. CBS, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, along with some additional major contributors, collaborated together with funding provided from the National Science Foundation and developed a game named CSI: Web Adventures. In this game, students are introduced to forensic sciences based on actual cases from the hit television show.

While playing the game, students do DNA testing, identify fingerprints, tire tracks or perhaps footprints left behind and conduct interviews with suspects while trying to solve the case. This role playing enables students to really identify with sciences in a way that textbooks alone are incapable of producing.

Beyond schools and higher learning institutes, even the military has enveloped educational games as a viable training method for their soldiers. The video game entitled Doom was re-scripted in concerted effort by its developers and the military, enabling the armed forces capabilities to teach their trainees in real time virtual combat situations, in preparation for actual wartime battle.

What technology brings to the educational games table is an almost infinite opportunity to practice what has been taught that no other method could accomplish. As a result, these educational games further engrain the lessons in students’ minds while causing learning to be downright fun.

The bottom line is that digital, video and online games will continue to advance and be utilized as a teaching tool in classrooms and within a myriad of teaching platforms.


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Announcing the popularity of the online game is not like dropping a bombshell. Just about every form of mainstream media has broadcast a plethora of headlines discussing internet games, flash games, addicting games and the like. However, exactly how far the long arm of gaming extends may astonish you.

When one hears the phrase “online game” they automatically imagine casual and hardcore gamers spending hours at their computer, television, or on their cell phone competing in sports games, transforming into strange characters in MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing games) or quietly engaging in solo player games for some stress relief.

play free online gamesThe online game trade is far more outreaching than what we have already envisioned. Online gaming has crept into numerous sectors of commerce and broad spectrums of organizations are brainstorming methods in which to utilize the mammoth popularity of Internet games. Annual summits are being held worldwide to discuss and strategize how various businesses can design and incorporate online games into their daily business routines.

The movie industry is keeping an eye on top grossing movies so they can design an online game that will integrate particular movie scenes into these addicting flash games with hopes of cashing in. Online magazines like Cosmopolitan are including addicting games for reader online recreation reminiscent of newspaper crossword puzzles.

Major corporations such as IBM are developing and utilizing flash games for daily communications with assorted headquarters located in various countries, as well as for engineering, designing and analysis purposes. The employees actually get to play in an online game with one another all day in virtual worlds as they test theories and develop strategies. Now there is a career position worth drooling over, right?

The health field has also become involved with the online game industry and has groups of medical research teams collaborating with innovative flash game designers to create games wherein children can spend hours having fun playing while radically improving the outcome of their health related issues.

This unified effort has brought forth flash games that encourage kids to be more diligent with their treatments for cancer by educating them about their disease and quite possibly saving their lives. Additionally, they have designed games that enlighten children about asthma, resulting in fewer treatments and less instances of school absence caused by asthma attacks.

Even one of the initial groups of town criers lamenting the damage that online games and addicting games were causing our youth has jumped on the bandwagon of gaming. The education field now also incorporates digital games into their curriculum starting with preschool and weaving right on through to universities. Perhaps the old adage of if you cannot beat them, join them holds true in these cases.

It is however perfectly logical as children are choosing to play digital games for hours during their leisure time. On an average day, children spend as many hours engaged in media activity as they spend in school and at least seventy five percent of American kids play computer, video, and play free online games.

Anyway you choose to view an online game, you simply cannot deny the fact that their tentacles are far reaching not only globally, but are appearing on scene of just about every facet of life as we know it. Online games no longer carry the stigma of having a reputation as promoters of violence and mayhem, but have spread into the hearts of humankind as a normal, helpful and acceptable way of life.


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