The dead or alive video game series developed by Team Ninja (published by Tecmo, LTD) has come a long ways. Starting out as a fighting videogame the series became very popular amongst hard core video gamers. In 2003 Team Ninja released Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball which was a complete turnaround from the fighting style games.

dead or alive girlsTeam Ninja decided to take the hot girls from the Dead or Alive series and throw them into skimpy revealing bathing suits on a private island. The DOA Girls on this private island have a choice of playing some high-powered beach volleyball matches, play mini games such as pool hoping, and go to the casino for some gambling.

The idea behind the game is build relationships with the other girls to further advance yourself in the game. There is an extensive lineup of items that can be bought as gifts. These items include accessories, bathing suits, sunglasses and even desserts. You could use these gifts to make your beach volleyball rivals partner fond of you so they play less aggressive on the volleyball court.

The graphics in the dead or alive video game series has always been top notch. With the release of DOA beach volleyball and DOA Xtreme 2, Team Ninja has out done themselves with a very high quality graphics engine. While the graphics may still not yet match up to those on the final fantasy series from Square Enix (especially Final Fantasy X) the graphics are very close to realism.

The hot babes of DOA beach volleyball for instance have breast that move independent of each other. Their poses, posture, and even their actions are as close as you can get to realism with todays technology. Let’s admit it, there isn’t really any other reason to get the dead or alive beach volleyball video games, because the volleyball isn’t all that great.