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 There is a difference of opinion on what are the best astrals for knights in wartune. As someone that has played the game since it was created I can give you proven and tested advice on the best astrals. While many seem to think that will destroyer is an excellent astral for knights, I personally disagree. Will destroyer was designed for mages and not knights. The astral may seem like it makes you stronger but in reality it holds you back from making the highest attacks on monsters, bosses, and other players.

Instead of disabling your critical attacks as a knight, you should be using them to get more powerful hits. I play on several servers but the main on is wartune s29 as I am the guild master for xcution, a top ranked guild. Some of the players on the site make fun of us knights that have critical stats and they call us crit knights. Those making the fun are using will destroyer because they was mislead by someone claiming to be an expert on wartune strategy. The thing is these will destroyer knights can’t beat us crit knights without massively potting up, while we beat them with no pots at all.

This is mainly because we have built our knights properly with the proper astrals. Some of those will destroyer knights have even spent thousands of dollars in the game. This is what makes the entire thing funny because we have not spent no where near that kind of money. It seems some just never learn even when you show them The higher your crit stats is the better off your knight will be and this is especially true in world boss fights and guild battle.

The best astrals for knights in wartune are the following:


If you are level 80 then you can include 2 more astrals which could be hp regen and reduce all damage.

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Gold production is one of the most important aspects of wartune. I am constantly being asked by wartune players on how they can obtain more gold for astrals capturing, enchanting armor, and contributing to their guild. Depending upon how many hours a day you play wartune, you can obtain more gold through farming your wartune farm land.

Wartune farm shop has many different seeds that you can purchase and these seeds have different times to mature. While go for the 4 hour seeds, you can actually obtain more gold through planting the 1 hour seeds. Again this depends upon how long you are going to be online playing because you want to make sure you can harvest your farm every hour.

Planting 1 hour seeds will net you more gold in the long run vs planting a 4 hour seed and leaving the game. For best results your farm should be at level 30. Purchase 8 gold seeds and 1 kyanite seed that has 1 hour maturity on them. Plant these seeds and go do some of your daily devotions. Come back harvest your farm and plant the same 1 hour seeds again.

Blitz the catacombs and complete some more of your daily devotions, return to your farm and once again harvest it and replant the same 1 hour seeds. Repeat the same process of harvesting and replanting between arena duels, hoh runs, battle ground and etc. Doing this for 4, 5, or even 6 hours will give you the most gold and kyanite. When you are ready to leave wartune for the day then plant your 4 hour seeds or 12 hour seeds depending upon when you are going to return.

Learn more Gold Production secrets for wartune


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Wartune Red AstralsThe astral system in wartune is all about capturing the best astrals for your character to benefit the most. There are many different types of astrals that have different attributes to help you build that ultimate warrior. The astrals are white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red with white being worth nothing and red being the strongest. Capturing astrals also help you build up star points which can be exchanged for those purple, orange, or red astrals that you just cant seem to capture.

Because these astrals have many different attributes, you are able to create a character with unique abilities over the same type of character that someone else has. For instance you may have a knight and decide to use snpiers edge which increases your critial attacks while another knights on your same server may choose to use will destroyer which disables critital strike but increases attack damage. This is what makes the astral system an excellent part of wartune, not all characters will have the same abilities.

The newly released red astral for the wartune astral system increases your character stats even more. The excellent part about the red astrals is that all of them can be used for knights but not all of them are good for mages and archers. This finally gives knights a much needed advantage since archers and mages both have debuff skills which knights do not have. Learn more about the astral system in wartune by getting your own copy of the wartune strategy guide.


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Wartune Players GuideThe official Wartune Strategy Guide brought to you by BestGameFAQs Written by a top Guildmaster in server S29, revealing tips, tricks, Wartune strategies and techniques to conquer the game. Included is a bonus section on how to start your own Wartune Guild and build a following. If you enjoy Role Playing games, MMORPG, and free RPG games online, then this is the book for you!

Discover all the tricks in Wartune with a master’s guide and complete walkthrough to reach Level 60 and beyond. Learn Character Stats Building, Wartune Gold Production tips, All about Astrals and maximizing your stats and strength, how to get Balens for free, farming strategies, Hall of Heroes, Academy and Barracks tricks, blacksmithing, arena battles and PvP battles. Defeat the bosses and level up fast with this intuitive guide for success in Wartunes!

Wartune is a free online RPG or MMORPG game played directly in your browser. It is a free no download game enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide. Currently, Wartune is the most popular and best new game for 2013. The Official Wartunes Strategy Guide shows serious RPG gamers how to beat all the wartune levels. In essence, the guide is your number one source of cheats for wartune, starting with level 1 and taking you all the way to the top levels in the game. Even strategies on how to create your very own guild and succesfully become a strategic guild master.


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