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Wartune has currently over 80 servers that they use to host wartune. While there are many other game servers that you can play on such as aeria wartune game servers, actually has the best servers. These servers are kept up to date with the latest patches and items that wartune has to offer. So if you are looking for a server to play wartune on, choose wartune itself for the best benefits.

One area in wartune that you will find that you spend a good bit of gold on is the astral wartune system. The astral system you can capture astrals that will increase your characters stats and you can equip them just like you would armor or weapons. It does not take long to go through a massive amount of gold though so you need to be careful not to spend too much time on wartune astrals. Before you know it you can be broke and all other things in wartune that require gold such as guild contributions, enchantments, building upgrades, and etc will suffer.

Be wise and spend a little bit of gold at a time and then move on, come back later spend a little more gold and move on. Each time you spend gold capturing astrals you will be building up your astrals and capturing new ones. Following this method will allow you to save that much needed gold for other parts of wartune.

Autaric Plains Wartune

The campaign maps in wartune are an important part of the game, these maps not only grant you rewards and experience so you can level up your character but they also tell the story behind wartune. Each new map that you start will start out with a conversation with Dinah, releasing more of the story behind wartune each time. On some maps such as the banshee wetlands wartune the conversation will start out with Elise.

The conversations at the start of each of the maps such as the baylon plains wartune not only unfolds the story of wartune but will also give you some hints on the map itself. This is what many online rpg free games actually lack. Many of the games these days dont give you the information you need to know what to do or how to do something. Wartune has no problems in letting you know the story and helping you with hints in the game.

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The best strategy mmo game of 2014, is wartune. Not only does the game have awesome looking graphics with amazing sound quality and one of the best battle systems ever created for on online browser based game, but it also offers helpful information on almost each ever section that you are in. This is one thing that many games do lack, the ability to exlain to the player what that section is about and what it does. At the top right hand corner on almost every window in wartune you will find a green question mark that you can click on for more information about that section.

The Wartunes Strategy guide will help you not only get started in the game but also give you great advice, tricks, and tips on how to become a better player. There are many sections in the guide that will explain to you how to produce more gold, fully explain wartune farming and friends to you, how to capture the best astrals, and more.


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The aeria wartune servers which have been created by aeria games host the wartune game. There are many other game publishers that are also hosting the wartune game. If you have played on one game server and you are not exactly satified with support then you can always choose another server to play on.

A few of the xcution guild members on s29 ( servers) have already captured the newly introduced red astrals from the astral wartune system. These new red astrals help increase your stats even more than the orange astrals. Capturing astrals can be tricky and very costly if you are not careful. The best thing that you could do is limit your spending on astrals.

Set yourself a fixed amount of gold that you will use everyday for astrals and stay within that amount. This way you will never leave yourself short on enchanting, upgrading your building or cost yourself from getting your guild tower skills. While we all would like to upgrade fast and become stronger than other players, you need to remember that there is no race and you will obtain what you need in time. Take it slow and limit youself and you will find that you will become that strong player you want.

Autaric Plains Wartune

You can help build up your character by doing campign maps and quests. All campaign maps have at least one quests attached to them when you they first open. These quest usually give you experience and gold but there are some quest where you will obtain more than just experience and gold. Completing your campaign maps such as the banshee wetlands wartune will give you experience each time you run through the map. Remember though the highler level you get the less exerience you will be able to obtain from lower level maps.

For instance I am a level 66 right now and if I decided to go back to do the banshee wetlands then I would get 0 experience because it is a map for level 30 players. You may be wondering why you should go back and do some older maps anyways. Well there is a simple answer to that, because some maps will give you more when you blitz them. Buradoths grave is a level 48 – 50 campaign map, you can continue to blitz that map until around level 55. The reason why is because it gives amazing rewards.

The first campaign maps such as baylon plains wartune helps you at the start of wartune but its really not a map you want to go back to and blitz over and over. The online rpg free to play wartune game has 60+ campaign maps and some do give you more rewards than others. When you complete a map and then go back and blitz it keep an eye on how much experience you gain and what rewards you get. This way you will be able to learn what are the best maps to blitz.

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There are many free strategy mmo games online these days but not all of them are quality games. There are some that never even made it out of beta testing due to the poor creation of the game. Wartune on the other hand has massively grown and now has millions of players and other game publishers that are now hosting the wartune game. This is mainly due to the high quality of graphics, battle system, and the quality of the game play.

There are many different Wartunes Strategy that you can apply when playing wartune. Because there are so many different parts to wartune it gives you the ability to use many different strategies that will help you not only build a better and stronger character but also help you become top ranked on your server.


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