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So GummyLords got angry from the post I made the other day and even tried to claim it as having fake screenshots, sorry dummy’s screenshots don’t lie. I have all of them blocked so I really don’t see what they say in world chat and nor do I care what they say. The funny thing is they would act all big and bad in world chat and gloat when they get lucky to win a battle one vs one but they cry like babies in PM to others and in guild chat where nobody else on the server can see. It would hurt their ego too much for others to know how they really are.

I was told today that one of the dummy’s was in world chat running off at the mouth when I was offline. The person told me they was gloating about sinking ships on the seas and my response was yes they don’t know how to count and are too stupid to realize everybody is still getting in 2 sails a day and there are still 20+ GummyLords sunk a day. Seriously these people are so full of themselves that they miss whats really going on and im sure not going to tell them.

Today I had 3 of them try to sunk me and failed, so I had a revenge fest and got millions in gold and credits. I decided not to stop there though because I went to the heroic realm and found dessel, sirwin, and roach and attacked all 3 of the losers and got more coins and credits. They went crying to aubry to revenge me but sorry was too late all the coins and credits was spent .. lmao

All in all it was a good day! Oh by the way Gummy’s do you really think anybody cares if you sink a few boats ? I got way more rewards from the revenges on Sirwin and Demetra than I did the sails.. Ha Ha!


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As with all games online you are bound to run into drama and what I call ego-centric idiots. Ego centric idiots are those gamers that have a huge ego that must be fed constantly due to the fact that they – A. Have a seriously pathetic real life or B. They was starved from not having enough attention as a baby (removed from breast feeding way too early) or C. All of the above. This post is not about a rant or crying, it is the total opposite in fact as it is being posted to expose how lame some gamers can be with these online games.

Now GummyLords in Tynon are some of the biggest cry-babies I have ever seen and I have been playing games for over 30 years (online games for well over 15 years). These so-called online gamers constantly complain about their boats being sunk, being attacked in the wild, being revenged, and the list goes on and on. If they happen to get lucky and win a battle they are also the first in  world chat to gloat about how so-called powerful they are. The biggest loser that does this is the GummyLords lame excuse of a guild leader, SirWin. Now this dude is a character, I once saw him complain and cry for 12 hours over a map being stolen from him. Seriously folks – a map!

GummyLords have said for the longest time that they sink others because they get sunk and they sink low power because others do it. I wonder if someone jumped off a bridge how many gummys would follow ? The funny part here is while gummys do all this crying they never seem to have any proof of anything. Hell they even blame me for running 12 different accounts, paying for all vip’s, along with other things they accuse me of. Personally I think it’s funny because A. It’s not true and B. It shows to me just how scared they really are of someone that spends no money on Tynon.

Well today we are going to post proof of just how lame GummyLords really are. In the below screenshots you will see huge powers attacking another tynon gamer with power less than 60,000. This is done all in an attempt to feed their Ego’s and make them feel better about themselves. Click on the images to view the full image.

tynon browser based game

tynon online browser game

Now ask yourself are these online gamers so hopeless that they must bully around a seriously low power user to feed their ego. While GummyLords have accused others of many things (mainly they blame me for everything as if I care) they always seem to be doing exactly what they accuse others of doing. The proof is right above on how lame some of these online gamers can really be. Makes you wonder how they act in real life. Well I say congratz gummys you have once again created a new low – lmao!

If you want to join a real guild with real gamers, come see me – Nikki in Rise Of Hope on server 45 in the water realm. Tynon Strategy Website




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