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Discovering starcraft cheats to help you achieve success in the game is a desire of many online gamers. Simply because, cheats help you through the toughest challenges and allow you to clearly see what strategy you must undertake to go to the next level. This is true in any game, especially when there are complex missions such as the protoss strategies. In this article I will examine the absolute best in starcraft cheats, to assist you with gaining an advantage in the game.starcraft strategy guide

Possessing the knowledge of one or two secrets such as a terran strategyor various protoss tactics can give you the necessary edge in completing missions or campaigns. Nevertheless, learning one strategy alone, say from a terran strategy guide is not always the best tactic to move forward. You want to learn multiple techniques and tricks to progress through the game and get higher ranking. Therefore, it is imperative to explore a multi-strategic approach to the game which will cover many aspects of achieving success at all levels.

One example of this is the Shokz guide which includes more than just a few simple strategies. The Shokz guide is bound together with a terran strategy guide, a protoss strategy guide as well as a Zerg guide. Allowing the gamer to understand each mission or campaign and revealing the instructions for successfully completing missions. For example, the protoss strategies will reveal the secrets to conquering the protoss missions.

In the same respect, the terran strategy guidewill assist the gamer in what tactical position is necessary to conquer that level. Each of the guides included in the Shokz guide covers all the necessary elements to attain Grand Master level. If you are having difficulty as a Protoss, The Protoss strategy guide teaches you every aspect of the race to earn Master rank. Thereby, utilizing the protoss strategy guide to help you compete and defeat even Grand Master level players.

Aside from the basic and advanced protoss strategiesyou will learn, you also have access to complete starcraft walkthrough guides. The walkthrough is an important and necessary learning tool as a visual tutorial will enhance your retention. Simply; you learn faster by watching, as opposed to reading. This same tutorial method is available throughout the Shokz guide including the terran strategy guide, protoss, Zerg, and battle campaigns.

By understanding one tactic in the terran strategy you can easily progress through the game and further your skills to achieve a superior ranking. Obviously, you want to explore all the potential in the game and improve each level of play. The same holds terue for the protoss strategy guide, you will recognize the missions you can conquer and easily move through the game with greater skill from the knowledge you gain.

Rather than look at one or two guides that may give you limited information on one terran strategyor a few protoss tactics, you should consider only comprehensive starcraft guides that include every FAQ, tutorial and teaching aid to expand your ability and increase your proficiency in the Starcraft game. The Shokz guide is one such instructional manual that easily achieves this.

All of your starcraft cheats and strategies are combined into one enormous members area where you can learn at your leisure and conquer your chosen battles in Starcraft. Everything from walkthroughs, protoss tactics, campaigns and missions are uncovered. Understanding the game and opening your eyes to the correct strategies you must employ in the game will allow you to achieve the Grand Master rank just as the author of Shokz has accomplished.

Conquer your opponents and achieve Grand Master in the number one starcraft strategy guide ever written.
Become the Grand Master by applying the starcraft cheats you will discover in the Shokz guide for Starcraft, today.


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What can you expect from the starcraft strategy guide ? The Shokz guide is one of several available guides online to improve your Starcraft 2 game.

Nevertheless, you can find many free guides online. However, the Shokz starcraft guide is the top instructional manual designed for winning the game. Are you thinking that paying $37 to get the secrets of the Shokz guide is expensive? Well, there are several good reasons why you might consider buying the starcraft strategy guide instead of relying on free tips and advice.

The first is John Greenhoe, author of the Shokz guide, an expert and enthusiastic master of Starcraft. His enormous experience in applying logical strategies and techniques is what allowed him to beat the game, accomplish missions, and conquer many of the hardest opponents online. The fact that Greenhoe has achieved diamond rank is testimony of his artful skills in Starcraft.

The number two reason; the Shokz guide is comprehensive – a complete and practically fail-proof method to acquire the status you desire in Starcraft. The Shokz guide is a group of multiple tutorials which teach the various aspects of game play. Instructions on how to beat the three races; Terran, Protoss and Zerg, a campaign guide and a beginners guide are just a few examples of the several guides included in Shokz.

Finally, Most tutorials are single guides that you download to read; The Shokz guide is different in that you get a membership to the entire tutorial website. Immediately access all the guides, tips and strategies of Starcraft, simply by logging into the websites member area. The Shokz guide members area is constantly updated to reflect any new versions or updates of the Starcraft games are released. When you join the Shokz member site by purchasing the guide for a one time fee of $37, you are entitled to all future updates of Shokz guide for free.

Furthermore, the members area allows you to converse with other Shokz guide members to share your tips, advice and gain knowledge from more experienced starcraft players. Winning your missions and campaigns are easier when you know the strategies. Stop struggling in your Starcraft game and discover the hidden secrets to becoming a Grand Master.

Just remember, when you purchase starcraft strategy guide, you will immediately login to the members area and have instant access to all Starcraft secrets, game strategies, and even the lingo used online to fully understand the game.


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Do you like RTS gaming? If so you have to get Starcraft 2. In this second installment Blizzard once again pits the Zerg, Terran and Protoss against each other. In Starcraft 2 strategy the key to winning and your first decision is which race to play. Once you have decided upon Protoss, Terran or Zerg then learn their units and buildings and start developing winning tactics.

Log into a multiplayer game with no opposition and learn all of the units and building capabilities of the Protoss, Terran and Zerg. Try unit vs unit battles to determine which one will win against which. Start with the base combat units. Zerglings, Marines and Zealots. Match them up in various combinations to find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Learn each race’s economy structure and learn what buildings are needed for what upgrades. By learning what buildings and additions do you will have an advantage in Starcraft 2 when scouting the enemy camp. If you just start competing against live players you will not get very far.

Don’t try to master each race all at once. Find one that suits your style of play. Whether you choose Zerg, Terran or Protoss stick with the one you choose. Become faster and more confident managing that race’s units, buildings and various strategies.

Do you like to play with insects and reptiles? The critter like Zerg may be for you. This race relies on massive numbers of units that attack in a swarm. But all that spawning comes with a high material demand so you will need to expand early and keep the resources coming.

A great Zerg strategy, the Zerg rush strategy, utilizes their ability to produce units quickly and inexpensively. Start popping out Zerglings as fast as you can and keep sending them over to your enemies base. Many Starcraft 2 games are won quickly using this tactic.

If you find the Terrans all cute and cuddly then cozy up to them. Terrans are a popular first choice for new players because they are more familiar. The Terran race uses technology to get the job done. They have some awesome unit combinations that are hard to beat. Especially when getting into the middle and later parts of the game.

The Protoss are all business. They have the ability to warp their units all over the map giving them great troop mobility. As a Protoss player you can build your entire base with one probe unit. Very nice. The Protoss have the strongest early game combat unit, the Zealot.

So choose your race wisely and get to know them. Once you are confident playing that race then take a closer look at the other two. If you know your enemy You know how to beat them. Keep in mind that a having a Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide on hand does not hurt either.


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Play the Zerg in Starcraft 2 the way they were intended to be played. Massive units that will strike fast and devastate everything in it’s path. Use the Starcraft 2 Zerg rush tactic to destroy your enemy and claim domination.

The Zerg rush strategy is one of the fastest ways to end a game of Starcraft 2. Build a small tactical force of zerglings and rush your enemies base to catch them when they least expect it. Not only is this the fastest way to victory but the fastest way to rule the Starcraft Universe.

starcraft 2 mission walkthrough Although this Zerg strategy appears very simple at first glance, it has some fine points to it that you must implement. If you ignore the important parts then you could end up having this strategy backfire on you.

Because you are going for a quick attack with your zerglings you are making some sacrifices to your home base defenses and your economy. If you don’t get the most out of your zerg rush strategy then you are left in a very vulnerable position. It is imperative that you always plan ahead and have a backup plan to take over incase you do fail.

Look at your Zerg rush strategy as a way to inflict early damage to your opponents economy and one of the fastest ways to victory. You must control the Zerg rush strategy to get the best result, don’t just send your Zerglings into the enemy base under their own control. You need to try and isolate each gatherer unit and take them out one at a time. Drones, Probes and SCV’s can churn through Zerglings like butter so be wary.

Terran players usually try to block off their base with marines and bunkers. Break through these block off points, destroy the bunkers and watch out for groups of Marines and take them out. Remember you want to hit and run and repeat this process. Once done then you want to cut off the money tree by going after the resources.

Protoss Zealots are tough to kill and can eat Zerglings for a light snack. If you don’t see any Zealots you’re in luck. Start in on the Pylon that is powering the Gateway and destroy it. You may find there will be a Zealot or two running around. Your plan is to isolate, surround and exterminate.

If you’re up against a Zerg opponent chances are you’ll be up against Zerglings trying to do a Zerg rush strategy on your base. You can counter this by giving your Zerglings the Metabolic Boost you will have the advantage over the other Zerg opponent.

If all goes according to plan the other Starcraft 2 player will be screaming at the monitor. Be ready for a string of abuse and name calling from this player. Players will try to set some kind of lame made up rule at the beginning of a game. Don’t let this stop you from implementing the Zerg rush strategy.

Apply the Starcraft 2 Zerg rush strategy as much as possible. Being prepared for a rush on your own base makes you a better Starcraft player. To commit to a rush leaves you exposed so it’s a two way street. The game is meant to be played to win according to the abilities of the player and the attributes of the race picked.


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StarCraft 2 Wings Of LibertyStarCraft II continues the epic saga of the terrans, protoss, and zerg. These three distinct and powerful races will clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types will do battle across the galaxy as each faction struggles for survival.

Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft: Brood War left off, StarCraft II will present a cast of new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and intrigue. In addition, Blizzard Entertainment will again offer unparalleled online play through, the company’s world-renowned gaming service, with several enhancements and new features to make StarCraft II the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game.

* Fast-paced, hard-hitting, tightly balanced competitive real-time strategy gameplay that recaptures and improves on the magic of the original game
* Three completely distinct races: Terrans, protoss, and zerg
* New units and gameplay mechanics further distinguish each race
* Groundbreaking single-player campaign
* Vibrant new 3D-graphics engine with support for dazzling visual effects and massive unit and army sizes
* Full multiplayer support with new competitive features and matchmaking utilities available through
* Full map-making and scripting tools to give players incredible freedom in customizing and personalizing their gameplay experience


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