Why do online games turn into addicting games? Why do flash games and the like have us uncontrollably hooked, desiring to give up other pleasures like chocolate and other delectable aspects of our lives before we would relinquish playing them?

Before we delve into the logistics of the addicting games phenomenon, perhaps we should understand exactly what addiction is. Saunders Dictionary of Medicine defines addiction as “physiologic or psychologic dependence on some agent with a tendency to continually increase its usage.” Yes online games are a habit inducing dependence, but the billion dollar question is why!

addictive online gamesA possible source of addiction could be a result of a chemical imbalance involving the neurotransmitter dopamine which is directly related to our ability to experience ecstasy, exhilaration, and anxiety. Or overproduction of adrenaline could be the culprit, a hormone that mimics the function of dopamine and behaves identically, producing physical stimulation while evoking certain emotions.

In situations involving emotional anxiety like fear, excitement or anger, adrenaline glands naturally inject adrenaline as a coping mechanism, producing a natural high similar to the natural high one experiences after running or sexual activity. Adrenaline overproduction could cause the body to habitually need this stimulation as its only form of excitement and pleasure.

Now to answer the question that is probably in the forefront of your mind about now, what does all this medical terminology have to do with any online game, flash games and addicting games? Since adrenaline overproduction might cause persons to habitually crave it, people will search out high adrenaline producing activities like playing online games. Online games, flash games and internet game developers are well aware of this fact right along with the companies that hire them to be innovative and create them!

The online game is intended to be an addicting game. Not necessarily addictive in the medical sense of the term, but game designers are always searching out ways to make online games more interesting to increase the amount of time people will invest in playing them. They want you to never cease playing once you log on or enter in.

Consequently, addicting games are designed to be just complicated enough to be marvelously challenging, allowing players to achieve little accomplishments that coerce them to continue playing. Therefore, the blueprint of addicting games is comparable to the design of casinos, which always allow players to have small wins interspersed among losses that will entice them to continue playing. All addicting games in the online gaming world have an element intended to hook players.

For example, flash games usually have a timed environment which compels the online game player to play repeatedly, trying to beat the fastest time. Whereas role playing online games incorporate an element of attachment via allowing players of these addicting games to create their own characters with unique individuality which causes an emotional connection keeping them returning repeatedly.

Massive multiplayer role playing games are also addictive in nature due to never having an ending, no high score to surpass. They’re like a never ending online story with the player being a co-author who will never reach a conclusion or like an ongoing saga such as a soap opera and we all know how addicting those are!

Whatever the habit forming trait, the most endearing aspects of addicting games is that the totality of them are fun, entertaining and give online game players just the fix they were hungering for.


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