Announcing the popularity of the online game is not like dropping a bombshell. Just about every form of mainstream media has broadcast a plethora of headlines discussing internet games, flash games, addicting games and the like. However, exactly how far the long arm of gaming extends may astonish you.

When one hears the phrase “online game” they automatically imagine casual and hardcore gamers spending hours at their computer, television, or on their cell phone competing in sports games, transforming into strange characters in MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing games) or quietly engaging in solo player games for some stress relief.

play free online gamesThe online game trade is far more outreaching than what we have already envisioned. Online gaming has crept into numerous sectors of commerce and broad spectrums of organizations are brainstorming methods in which to utilize the mammoth popularity of Internet games. Annual summits are being held worldwide to discuss and strategize how various businesses can design and incorporate online games into their daily business routines.

The movie industry is keeping an eye on top grossing movies so they can design an online game that will integrate particular movie scenes into these addicting flash games with hopes of cashing in. Online magazines like Cosmopolitan are including addicting games for reader online recreation reminiscent of newspaper crossword puzzles.

Major corporations such as IBM are developing and utilizing flash games for daily communications with assorted headquarters located in various countries, as well as for engineering, designing and analysis purposes. The employees actually get to play in an online game with one another all day in virtual worlds as they test theories and develop strategies. Now there is a career position worth drooling over, right?

The health field has also become involved with the online game industry and has groups of medical research teams collaborating with innovative flash game designers to create games wherein children can spend hours having fun playing while radically improving the outcome of their health related issues.

This unified effort has brought forth flash games that encourage kids to be more diligent with their treatments for cancer by educating them about their disease and quite possibly saving their lives. Additionally, they have designed games that enlighten children about asthma, resulting in fewer treatments and less instances of school absence caused by asthma attacks.

Even one of the initial groups of town criers lamenting the damage that online games and addicting games were causing our youth has jumped on the bandwagon of gaming. The education field now also incorporates digital games into their curriculum starting with preschool and weaving right on through to universities. Perhaps the old adage of if you cannot beat them, join them holds true in these cases.

It is however perfectly logical as children are choosing to play digital games for hours during their leisure time. On an average day, children spend as many hours engaged in media activity as they spend in school and at least seventy five percent of American kids play computer, video, and play free online games.

Anyway you choose to view an online game, you simply cannot deny the fact that their tentacles are far reaching not only globally, but are appearing on scene of just about every facet of life as we know it. Online games no longer carry the stigma of having a reputation as promoters of violence and mayhem, but have spread into the hearts of humankind as a normal, helpful and acceptable way of life.


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