Play the Zerg in Starcraft 2 the way they were intended to be played. Massive units that will strike fast and devastate everything in it’s path. Use the Starcraft 2 Zerg rush tactic to destroy your enemy and claim domination.

The Zerg rush strategy is one of the fastest ways to end a game of Starcraft 2. Build a small tactical force of zerglings and rush your enemies base to catch them when they least expect it. Not only is this the fastest way to victory but the fastest way to rule the Starcraft Universe.

starcraft 2 mission walkthrough Although this Zerg strategy appears very simple at first glance, it has some fine points to it that you must implement. If you ignore the important parts then you could end up having this strategy backfire on you.

Because you are going for a quick attack with your zerglings you are making some sacrifices to your home base defenses and your economy. If you don’t get the most out of your zerg rush strategy then you are left in a very vulnerable position. It is imperative that you always plan ahead and have a backup plan to take over incase you do fail.

Look at your Zerg rush strategy as a way to inflict early damage to your opponents economy and one of the fastest ways to victory. You must control the Zerg rush strategy to get the best result, don’t just send your Zerglings into the enemy base under their own control. You need to try and isolate each gatherer unit and take them out one at a time. Drones, Probes and SCV’s can churn through Zerglings like butter so be wary.

Terran players usually try to block off their base with marines and bunkers. Break through these block off points, destroy the bunkers and watch out for groups of Marines and take them out. Remember you want to hit and run and repeat this process. Once done then you want to cut off the money tree by going after the resources.

Protoss Zealots are tough to kill and can eat Zerglings for a light snack. If you don’t see any Zealots you’re in luck. Start in on the Pylon that is powering the Gateway and destroy it. You may find there will be a Zealot or two running around. Your plan is to isolate, surround and exterminate.

If you’re up against a Zerg opponent chances are you’ll be up against Zerglings trying to do a Zerg rush strategy on your base. You can counter this by giving your Zerglings the Metabolic Boost you will have the advantage over the other Zerg opponent.

If all goes according to plan the other Starcraft 2 player will be screaming at the monitor. Be ready for a string of abuse and name calling from this player. Players will try to set some kind of lame made up rule at the beginning of a game. Don’t let this stop you from implementing the Zerg rush strategy.

Apply the Starcraft 2 Zerg rush strategy as much as possible. Being prepared for a rush on your own base makes you a better Starcraft player. To commit to a rush leaves you exposed so it’s a two way street. The game is meant to be played to win according to the abilities of the player and the attributes of the race picked.


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