Campaign maps in wartune can be a lot of fun and reward you with some amazing items. What makes these campaign maps fun and interesting is that they are not all the same like you may see on some games. For instance the banshee wetlands wartune map is set in a swamp land theme. Making these maps unique from the others. Other maps such as the baylon plains wartune are set in a mountain theme so they are also unique to all others.

Having these campaign maps set up on their own theme keeps things interesting and fun to play. You are not faced with the same old maps over and over. Each of these campaign maps also play an important role in the story behind wartune. When you first start a new map you will have a conversation with dinah, the high priestess that will talk about that map and reveal a small part of the wartune storyline. On some maps you may have a coversation with Elise instead but im not going to release any spoilers here so I will not say which maps this occurs on.

Beat Wartune Levels

Building up your character stats through obtaining guild tower skills, capturing and leveling up astrals, and maxing out academy technologies, will help you in beating wartune. There are many other aspects of the game that can be used to build up your character, you are not limited to just the ones mentioned above. Doing runs on the maps in the hall of heroes helps you in building up your character, obtaining insignias through arena pvp battles, exchanging insignias for advanced armor in the arena shop. These are just some of the way to help build up your character to become strong.

While the best games wartune offers many ways to gain experience to level up your character, this does not make your character strong. Leveling up only gives you a few points on your stats where capturing and leveling up astrals would add hundreds of points to your character stats. Most free rpg games online actually push you to level up fast but this is not always in your best interest. Focus more on building up your character vs actually leveling up.

2D Browser Games Mmorpg

Great browser games will always cater to the game player needs with helpful tips, tricks, and even strategy guides online that can be used to further that gamers playing experience. Wartune is one of the very few online browser games that actually does offer helpful tips and advice. The information on the wartune game is limited though and for this reason a complete wartune strategy guide has been created.

The Wartunes Strategy guide will help you not only get started in the game but also give you great advice and tips on how to become a better player. There are many sections in the guide that will explain to you how to produce more gold, explain how wartune character stats work, how to capture the best astrals, the best ways to become an active member in your guild, and more.


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League of angels is fairly new and has not been around as long as wartune or tynon but it shows great promise and offers many of the features you would expect in fantasy themed based games. You do quests, create or join a guild, obtain powerful armor and weapons, complete campaigns and more. These online 3d browser games have become very popular with the online gamers. These games use flash and play directly in your browser, the battle systems, graphics, and gameplay are second to none and currently cant be matched with any other mmorpg online. While these games are set in the fantasy realm theme and offers heros, knights, mages, angels, and even orcs, they also offer many different game options and hundreds of campaigns and quests that you can complete.

League Of Angels is an online browser-based game with hybrid game play revolving around guild wars, single player campaigns, multiplayer-based events, and arena fighting. As the hero you fight along side with powerful angels and recruit powerful heroes to defeat the evil enemies. While you may find some tips and tricks for league of angels online, nothing can compare to having your very own copy of the official league of angels strategy guide. This strategy guide will give you great insight into the game and show you how to build up a strong character.

The basics of the game is that you are to help release the angels to help you fight the evil that has plagued the land. Your chosen hero and party will travel through many different parts of the world defeating and completing quests to unlock and release the angels one by one. Starting off in the Elf Village as a lone hero you are given task to complete that will help you build up your character and create a team of heroes to fight with you to save the angels.

Travel through Yggdrasil, the World Tree, Forgotten Realm, Dark Forest, Flamesburg, Dragons Nest and more completing quests given to you by the Elf Priestess, Thea, Ranger Jilleon, King Nori, Wolf Lord Muttor and many other characters in the game. Take part in these quests and various other aspects of League Of Angels to conquer the game.

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  • League of Angels Multi-Player Events
  • League of Angels Team Arena
  • League of Angels Zodiac Fights
  • League of Angels Guild Wars
  • League of Angels Gemology

Discover great ways to become more powerful with our League of Angels cheats. Read all about cool tricks and tips in the League of Angels Game. Find more cheats tricks and gameplay strategies in our Secrets section! Grab up your copy of the League Of Angels Strategy Guide right now!


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Campaign maps in wartune are one of the things that actually help you build up a strong character. All of the maps contain at least one quests for you to complete that will give you gold and experience. Some campaign maps such as the banshee wetlands wartune actually contain more than one quests. Which means you may need to run the map more than once to get the rewards from those quests. After running the map the first time you always have the option to blitz these maps that have more than one quests.

Blitzing the maps save you from needing to run through the map over and over, which can get repetitive. When you do decide to blitz a map you will still get all the rewards that map has to offer. A blitz box will popup and ask you if you want to use gold and keys to still open chest. By default these are checked and does allow you to un-check them but why would you, you are after all the rewards you can get after-all. Some of the lower level maps such as the baylon plains wartune does not offer the option to blitz until your character passes level 15. By the time you reach this level there really is no need to blitz the lower levels.

Beat Wartune Levels

Blitzing the many different parts in wartune will help you save a great deal of time while still obtaining all the rewards. The campaign maps are not the only place you can blitz. You can also blitz the forgotten crypts where you obtain most of your gems from. The best way to blitz the catacombs is to run through it manually and see how far you can get. Lets assume you got to level 35 before being kills, then the next day you will blitz the catacombs so you don’t need to spend the time manually doing it.

Blitzing the crypts does offer you the ability to use a crypt key for double drops and double experience. You want to save these keys though and not use them until you are able to at least get to level 60. The reason for this is because the crypt keys are hard to come by and unless you are going to buy them with balens you will be wasting them. Once you have reached level 60 then start using your keys everyday to gain the most rewards. Every so often enter the crypts and run it manually to try and get past level 60, then go back to blitzing. Following this simple strategy you will find yourself beating wartune in no time at all.

Some of the best strategy released by best games wartune is from actual gameplay experience and testing things within the game. While most free rpg games online have their own tricks and tips, its not always easy to find these strategies for some of the new games.

2D Browser Games Mmorpg

Most games online or offline (software games) always have some form of information, tips, and tricks that are included with the game. A good online rpg game will always have strategy guides online that you can follow to help you through some of the harder parts of the game. These guides can also help save you from making huge mistakes early in the games such as selling an item you should have kept or using an item to early in the game.

Best Game Faqs Wartunes Strategy has been created and designed to give you the best strategies to apply when you are playing wartune. These strategies have been used, applied, and test on several different character types and tested during several different situations. This is so you can be sure that you will gain the most benefit from utilizing these strategies when you start a new character on wartune.


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BestGameFaqs is proud to announce our new site: Monkey King Online has been released. You will find information on how Monkey King Online works, tips and strategies and how to build up a strong character.

Monkey King Online is a tale of your epic journey to the west. This high end online game is full of beautiful landscapes and fast-paced combat. While you can play Monkey King Online by yourself, as an MMO, it focuses on group play. Enjoy dungeon crawls with your friends or PVP modes against your foes! During your gameplay, you can bring your character to immortal status, find powerful gear and enhance it, and fight to bring peace to the heavens. Monkey King Online is currently in its beta phase of development.

Monkey King Online is an online browser-based game based on the Chinese epic, Journey to the West. The core qualities of the Monkey King’s story have been kept: he’s powerful and he’s ready to wreak havoc in heaven after being imprisoned under a rock for half a millennium. Monkey King Online is a free to play, browser based MMO-ARPG. In Monkey King Online, you select one of four heroes, including the Monkey King himself, to play as in your adventure. Legend has it that the Monkey King is born of stone, who wields an eight-ton magical staff to remind others of his power. Would you play as him, Fox Demon the beautiful and cunning warrior, Ox Demon the Lord of Fire Mountain, or Iron Fan Princess, the area of effect lady?

Visit the Monkey King Online Strategy website!


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 Today Tynon released a new update to their online mmorpg strategy game. The update makes several improvements along with some new features that players can enjoy.

 Tynon Casino

* Free Casino spins: Each player can play the Casino once daily for free.

* Casino Chips: In the Casino shop you can now buy discounted chips in bulk. You can enjoy 10 spins at one time as well.

 Tynon Mount

* Improved mounts: Mounts now give gameplay benefits by increasing HP and movement speed. Feeding or taming those mounts can upgrade them and increase bonuses.

 Royal Challenge

* Royal Challenge: 2 new heroes have been unlocked! Also, defeating Prophet Ezekiel will unlock the second Substitute slot in formation.

 Guild Battle

* Guild Warfare: Battle rewards double and durability deduction cut. Now players will get double rewards for each campaign they participate in. We have also cut the durability after each win to 3.

 Championship Warfare

* Championship Warfare: We’ve added bonus tickets for stars. For each star players earn in Championship Warfare, they will get an additional 10% tickets for each battle they win. We’ve also reset the stars players received previously.

 Other Tynon Patch Notes

* Level Cap: Max level cap has been increased to level 115.

* Sanctification Cards: Cards to sanctify Royal Challenge heroes are now available in the Championship Warfare shop and Labyrinth shop.

* Rune improvement: Burliness, Flintiness and Messiness can be leveled up to level 12.


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