One of the newest games to join the ranks of online browser based strategy games – Nova Genesis. Nova Genesis gameplay offers many of the features that gamers have come to enjoy with games such as Wartune or League Of Angels. Nova Genesis takes your character on a stellar journey to fight alongside your chosen Hero to strike out the dark forces that sprung from the planet’s core!

While the Nova Genesis online browser game is still in beta it has proven to be popular with the online gamers. If you want to enjoy a new game with many different features then Nova Genesis just may be the game for you. I invite you to join our server s29 and join the guild Tea Party.

Tea Party guild comprises of a group of hard core online browser based gamers that are dedicated to helping other game players. Tea Party guild thrives on helping each other through the adventures of Nova Genesis by doing Labyrinth runs and time trials together and through advice to help the members get stronger.

The high ranked members take the time to help new guild members become stronger through explaining to them what geodes are best for them and what upgrades they should be focusing on. Higher ranked guild members will show what the best heroes and armor to play with are and the best gems to add to your characters.

Start your adventure today with Nova Genesis online browser game and don’t forget to join Tea Party guild on server s29.


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When you get partially through the first stages of wartune the campaign maps will open. The first part of maps that become available to you are the autaric plains wartune which contain seven different maps. These campaign maps in this section are part of the wartune tutorial and will help you learn how the maps and the battle system works in wartune. By learning how these maps work you will be ready for the higher level maps such as the banshee wetlands wartune which opens up in the third section of campaign maps when you reach level 30.

Baylon Plains Wartune

One of the first maps to offer quests in the campaign map section is the baylon plains. These quests are still part of the tutorial that you will be going through and are a great way to learn the mechanics of wartune. One thing you need to make sure of on these maps is that you explore them fully. If you want to learn how to beat wartune levels then you need to take the time to explore these campaign maps to make sure you are not missing any valuable rewards. There are some chest and change purses that are hidden on the sides of the maps that you may miss if you fail to explore everything.

Beating wartune is possible if you take your time and explore all the sections of wartune and build up your character the proper way. All the maps in wartune contain the fog of war (the maps are black and only cleared by your character walking through the maps) and this is why exploring each area is very important. While going through these maps you want to make sure you get all the rewards they have to offer.

Most rpg games online free to play offer ways for you to gain extra rewards and experience to build up your character. Wartune is no different, you just have to be smart about playing to take advantage and get the extra rewards. For instance if you have a 2 bounty quests to kill 20 monsters of the same level, then accept one, put on a 50% experience scroll and then go blitz a campaign map 2 times. Once the blitz is done accept the other bounty and run 3 more times. This way you are blitzing 5 times and getting 5x the rewards, if doing this for your daily quest also (which requires 3 runs of a campaign map) then you will get experience and gold from the daily quest also.

You gain experience from the map, from the bounty, and from the experience scroll. Doing this will gain you the most rewards because you are adding several different instances into one big blitz. I have done this strategy myself and have ended up with 2 million experience, 200k in gold, and many other items. This is the best strategy to use to gain the most benefit. There are several different ways to combine quest all into one for the most rewards.

2D Browser Games

For internet gamers the online browser games are by far the most popular type of games they love to play. If you can locate online strategy guides for these games then players will enjoy the game even more. Browser based games are basically easy access for most who are already online and this is one reason why they are so popular these days. Who wants to wait for some game to download and then wait several hours for install just to find out the game has to be updated also. Many times gamers stop half way through this process and go find something else to do.

Wartune is a browser based game and should be one of your favorites, if not then start playing today. There are Wartunes Strategy guides and a complete strategy website offered by to help the players advance their game play. Wartune is an excellent game but having strategies for the best way to play helps out.


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Going through the campaign maps in wartune you will find that they all are different and do offers their own challenges. While some of the campaign maps such as the banshee wetlands wartune is a long map, there are others such as the baylon plains wartune which is short and does not take as long to complete. The larger maps do tend to give out more experience and rewards because there are more monsters, more levels and some even include a sub-boss and boss. Regardless the size of the map any blitz you do will cost 20 stamina, 5,000 gold and each blitz will take 5 minutes.

Ideally you want to make sure you do your blitz on the larger campaign maps though because even though it cost the same as shorter maps, you will obtain more experience and rewards. You want to gain as much rewards from these campaign maps as possible because those rewards will help you build up your character to become strong. There are many items you can obtain from these maps and the rewards seem to be even greater when you do blitz. Blitzing a map you can get gold, daru, vouchers, crypt keys, luck stones, armor, and other useful items. All of these items will help you in some way to build up your character stats.

Beat Wartune Levels

Once you start going through the campaign maps and getting all the rewards you need to focus on a few more other aspects of wartune to obtain the most benefits. Putting your attention on contributing to your guild for guild tower skills is very important as well as building up your wartune astrals and capturing the orange or red astrals so you can level them up. Being focused on all these different parts will give you the strength and power to start beating wartune. Its not that difficult to do it just requires you to condition yourself to stay focused on the important parts and not get distracted by other things.

The best games wartune has events all the time and these events while they offer you some nice rewards they can also be distracting. Try not to focus too much attention on events that require you to do things that are not part of your daily routine. For example if you are limited on the amount of time you can play and you set your goals to do all daily stuff and not battleground but an event comes that requires battleground, then you need to make sure to either increase your time you play or ignore the event.

While most events do offer nice rewards they can also get you off your focus and hinder your character building. Most free rpg games online are designed this way because obviously the developers want you to take part in the events which usually end up getting some people to buy items to complete certain events. This is one way the game makes money, so don’t let it distract you from your goals you set for yourself in building up your character.

2D Browser Games Mmorpg

The browser games that are online these days are designed with certain aspects that do require you to spend money. This is how the free to play browser games stay in business but you do not always need to pay money to become strong in these games. Following helpful strategy guides online will teach you how to become a strong player without breaking your bank by putting hundreds or thousands into an online game. I have seen many players do this because they don’t want to be bothered with real strategies that can be used to build strong characters.

The best Wartunes Strategy that you should learn is that gold is king in wartune. Without the production of gold you will not be able to advance in wartune. While producing gold is free, it does take some work on your part to produce that gold by planting crops, fighting in world boss fights, plundering other players, and through other various methods.


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One of the hardest resources to obtain in wartune is kyanite. Kyanite can only be obtained through a few places in wartune and most of the time it is is small quantities. Farming only allows 1 kyanite seed to be planted at a time and thus limits your ability to gain kyanite. Plundering 5 times a day will give you a decent amount of kyanite but when you start getting into higher levels it requires more kyanite to upgrade academy technologies.

You can obtain kyanite from dungeons located on the campaign maps, but this is usually in small amounts. There are several dungeons where you can get a decent amount of kyanite from through. These campaign maps are very rare and you need to take advantage of them when you are certain levels. The best dungeons don’t open up until you reach the forth set of campaign maps. When you reach level 40 and open up the deathly sands you will see a campaign map named Buradoth’s Grave.

Buradoth’s grave will open when you reach level 48 and this is the map you should be using for your daily map runs. Buradoth’s grave offers many great rewards and not just kyanite although I have obtained 40k in kyanite from 5 blitz. Because you have 200 stamina plus an extra 60 that you can obtain through cultivation every day, you can actually run 8 campaign map blitz each day and still end up with 100 stamina.

From level 48 through level 55 you want to stay focused on running Buradoth’s grave as much as possible every day. This will give you the best rewards including kyanite. What I usually do is run my first 3 when I get online for my daily quest, if I have a bounty quest I will use it also for the extra experiance. Once done I will cultivate bringing my stamina back up to 200. I will wait for high level bounties that require you kill x amount of monsters.

Once I get a blue or orange bounty for this then I will add a 50% experiance scroll, accept the bounty, and go do 5 runs on the Palace Of Corruption. This way I am going to get high rewards and some major extra experiance points. The Palace Of Corruption is the 2nd known map that pays out huge rewards and it opens up when you reach level 66.

Want to find out more strategies that can be used in wartune to obtain the best rewards ? Discover what you have been missing out on by obtaining a copy of the Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing.


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Wartune farming is an important part of the wartune game. In order to get the most benefits out of your farm you will want to make sure that your farm level is upgraded and your farm land is upgraded. It does take some time to build up your farm level because you are limited to 200 points a day and this also mainly depends upon how many farm friends you have.

Keep working on your farm every day until you do reach farm level 30 because that is when all 9 plots become open to you. Having all 9 plots open will allow you to obtain farm more from your wartune farm. At farm level 30 you will also be able to upgrade your farm land. The first few farm land levels are easy to obtain by using vouchers.

Once your farm level is at least 30 and your farm land is at least level 3, then you will start to see some major differences in the amount of resources you collect from your farm. Your growth rate will increase while your maturity time will decrease thus giving you the ability to gain more from your farm in less time.

Now you want to plant mostly gold and 1 kyanite seed, do not worry about experience seeds or daru seeds. You can get daru from the world boss much faster and you do not need to waste your valuable farm land. If you are going to be online for several hours then plant 1 hour seeds so you can harvest your farm every 45 minutes or so. If you are going to be offline for a little while then plant 4 hour seeds.

By planted mostly gold and kyanite you will get the most benefits out of your farm because kyanite is only obtained through some maps, plundering, and farming. Since you can only plant 1 kyanite at a time then use your farm to do so. Gold is the most valuable resource needed in wartune and thus why you want to plant mostly gold.

Want to discover more wartune stratgies in farming ? The Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing has an entire chapter devoted to wartune farming and how to obtain the most gold.


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