League of angels is fairly new and has not been around as long as wartune or tynon but it shows great promise and offers many of the features you would expect in fantasy themed based games. You do quests, create or join a guild, obtain powerful armor and weapons, complete campaigns and more. These online 3d browser games have become very popular with the online gamers. These games use flash and play directly in your browser, the battle systems, graphics, and gameplay are second to none and currently cant be matched with any other mmorpg online. While these games are set in the fantasy realm theme and offers heros, knights, mages, angels, and even orcs, they also offer many different game options and hundreds of campaigns and quests that you can complete.

League Of Angels is an online browser-based game with hybrid game play revolving around guild wars, single player campaigns, multiplayer-based events, and arena fighting. As the hero you fight along side with powerful angels and recruit powerful heroes to defeat the evil enemies. While you may find some tips and tricks for league of angels online, nothing can compare to having your very own copy of the official league of angels strategy guide. This strategy guide will give you great insight into the game and show you how to build up a strong character.

The basics of the game is that you are to help release the angels to help you fight the evil that has plagued the land. Your chosen hero and party will travel through many different parts of the world defeating and completing quests to unlock and release the angels one by one. Starting off in the Elf Village as a lone hero you are given task to complete that will help you build up your character and create a team of heroes to fight with you to save the angels.

Travel through Yggdrasil, the World Tree, Forgotten Realm, Dark Forest, Flamesburg, Dragons Nest and more completing quests given to you by the Elf Priestess, Thea, Ranger Jilleon, King Nori, Wolf Lord Muttor and many other characters in the game. Take part in these quests and various other aspects of League Of Angels to conquer the game.

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