If you are not playing Tynon then you just have no idea what you are missing. Tynon is a 3d browser based online game set in a fantasy theme structure. The game has several different heros to choose from and offers many of the daily events, rewards, arena, and weekly events like most online browser games. The difference with Tynon vs games such as odin quest is that the graphics engine and battles engine that are used in Tynon are top notch. Very high quality rendering of images as well as an excellent story line makes this a game you must not miss.
 Tynon as with most games does have it’s power seekers and drama queens though. For months on server 45 GummyLords have been spreading lies about Nikki that has created the tynon strategy guide website. They claimed that Nikki has 12 alt accounts, paying for all vips, and even renting a few high powerful accounts. Well all that ended today with a huge backlash on GummyLords (mainly “Roach”) when the truth finally came out and it was proven that GummyLords needed 12+ alts in guild wars just to win. As usual Roach went and posted in world chat after the battle gloating but then the truth of how they won came out and now many see GummyLords for what they really are.
 When one GummyLord guild member confronted Roach they was even kicked from the guild because the truth came out and Roach did not like it one bit. The funny part about all this is that they can’t win any battles without alternate accounts. They create 4 and 5 alternates in every realm because they have no real life and they trive on the drama online to feed their egos and make them feel satisfied in life. Other than all the drama that players like Roach and Sirwin need to create the game is awesome and is sure to please any gamer looking for an online browser based game.
 For all those looking to play visit the guild page now and join a real guild full of real players that enjoy playing a game. Visit the LifeSteam Guild page now. Join s45 Winds Of Njord and PM Nikki (water realm) or Kammie (Fire realm) to request to become a member of the best guild on s45 – LifeSteam / Rise Of Hope.