Wartune Red AstralsThe astral system in wartune is all about capturing the best astrals for your character to benefit the most. There are many different types of astrals that have different attributes to help you build that ultimate warrior. The astrals are white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red with white being worth nothing and red being the strongest. Capturing astrals also help you build up star points which can be exchanged for those purple, orange, or red astrals that you just cant seem to capture.

Because these astrals have many different attributes, you are able to create a character with unique abilities over the same type of character that someone else has. For instance you may have a knight and decide to use snpiers edge which increases your critial attacks while another knights on your same server may choose to use will destroyer which disables critital strike but increases attack damage. This is what makes the astral system an excellent part of wartune, not all characters will have the same abilities.

The newly released red astral for the wartune astral system increases your character stats even more. The excellent part about the red astrals is that all of them can be used for knights but not all of them are good for mages and archers. This finally gives knights a much needed advantage since archers and mages both have debuff skills which knights do not have. Learn more about the astral system in wartune by getting your own copy of the wartune strategy guide.