The banshee wetlands wartune campaign map activates when your character reaches level 30. The maps in this section are set in a swamp theme and some of them are longer than the previous maps such as the baylon plains wartune. There are many campagn maps in wartune, each with their own level of difficulty and their own set of monsters and bosses. What all these maps have in common is that they all payout experience points, have item drops in the form of chest, and give rewards for comepleting the maps.

Beat Wartune Levels

You can beat these wartune levels by playing smart and building up your character stats over just trying to level up your character. Once you have your farm at level 30 then focus your time on planting 8 gold seeds and 1 kyanite seed constantly. The gold will allow you to enchant your armor, get guild tower skills and capture astrals, while the kyanite will help you upgrade your academy technologies. There are the things that you need to focus on to build up your character and make that character strong. In no time at all you will have no problems beating wartune by following this simple strategy.

The best games wartune has been designed like most free rpg games online and that is to get you to level up fast by offering you extra experience in the form of farm seeds, special events, and world prosperty. You do not want to follow this path of leveling up too fast though. The problem is it will make you have a high level character that is weak and can be beat by lower levels. While it is good to level up to level 40 fairly fast you want to slow it down after this points and focus on building up your character as much as possible.

In order to slow down your leveling you may want to skip doing the hall of heroes for a few weeks and focus on doing your campaign map runs, the catacombs run, and your daily devotional. You will obtain gems from the catacombs which will allow you to upgrade your gems. The daily devotions, campaign maps, and planting your farm as specified above will allow you to build up your character strength and defenses. Staying focused on these for several weeks and your academy technologies will get maxed out, your troops will get maxed out, you will be able to obtain your guild tower skills, and you will be able to have fully enchanted armor.

2D Browser Games Mmorpg

The browser ased games are very popular with gamers but some never follow a strategy to help them in the game and they end up having weak characters. There are strategy guides online to help you in the wartune online game, all you need to do is put the strategy into action. Just as the above simple strategy on how to build up your character to become strong. Following these simple strategies will help you go a long way in wartune so you can become a top ranked player.

Wartunes Strategy can be used through-out the game to help you complete quests, build a stronger character, obtain more gold, and even enjoy rich rewards. Following strategies in games such as wartune can save you from making costly mistakes in the early stages. Putting these strategies into action will also help you have a more enjoyable game.


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One of the rare and valuable resources in wartune is kyanite. What makes this resource so rare is the fact that you can only obtain kyanite through a few means. There is no way to buy kyanite directly with balens or gold. You must be able to use the few methods provided by wartune wisely to obtain kyanite. Kyanite is used for academy technology upgrades and because it is so rare, many players always seem to be very low on kyanite. This is especially true for those players that are at a low level.

Once you start getting in to higher levels such as level 60+ you are actually able to save more kyanite because it takes longer for your character to level up. Since leveling up does take longer you actually use less kyanite and once all your academy technologies are maxed out with your characters level, you will find it very easy to save more kyanite. As for lower levels though the below tips may help you in getting your academy technologies maxed out soon as possible.

There are 3 ways to obtain kyanite in wartune, one is by farming, another way is through plundering other players and the final way is through doing campaign maps or dungeons. The best way to get a constant flow of kyanite is through your farm. You can buy the higher level seeds with balens but this strategy is based on using the seeds you buy with gold.

While you can only plant 1 kyanite seed at a time in your farm, this does not mean you are limited. If you are going to be online playing wartune for several hours then you are best to purchase 1 hour seeds and plant them. If you have upgraded your farm land to level 5 or 6 then the 1 hour seeds will only take about 45 minutes to mature. If you have not upgraded your farn land then you need to do so, start saving vouchers and upgrade your farm land asap.

Because you have an upgraded farm land and you are planting 1 hour kyanite seeds, you will be able to obtain an easy 10,000 kyanite a day just through your farm. Just make sure that you keep harvesting and re-planting your farm constantly. Combine this with doing 5 plunders a day and you should have no problems in getting 10,000 – 13,000 kyanite each and every day.

Please note that VIP’s get more kyanite for plunders, so if you are a vip then you could be getting 20,000 – 30,000 kyanite each day with this strategy. For more proven and time tested wartune strategy see ourĀ Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing


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