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Monkey King Online is a tale of your epic journey to the west. This high end online game is full of beautiful landscapes and fast-paced combat. While you can play Monkey King Online by yourself, as an MMO, it focuses on group play. Enjoy dungeon crawls with your friends or PVP modes against your foes! During your gameplay, you can bring your character to immortal status, find powerful gear and enhance it, and fight to bring peace to the heavens. Monkey King Online is currently in its beta phase of development.

Monkey King Online is an online browser-based game based on the Chinese epic, Journey to the West. The core qualities of the Monkey King’s story have been kept: he’s powerful and he’s ready to wreak havoc in heaven after being imprisoned under a rock for half a millennium. Monkey King Online is a free to play, browser based MMO-ARPG. In Monkey King Online, you select one of four heroes, including the Monkey King himself, to play as in your adventure. Legend has it that the Monkey King is born of stone, who wields an eight-ton magical staff to remind others of his power. Would you play as him, Fox Demon the beautiful and cunning warrior, Ox Demon the Lord of Fire Mountain, or Iron Fan Princess, the area of effect lady?

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