Are you into fantasy based role playing games ? How about war strategy games ? You can discover more about wartune which is fastly becoming on of the most popular online browser based games ever created. With millions of online gamers flocking to the wartune game you are sure to find great cross server battles and excellent multi-player game battles.

One of the game servers such as aeria wartune is used in the cross server functions in wartune. There are 2 places in wartune that has the cross server ability so you can do battle against other players on other servers. The arena player vs player challenges offers cross server battles where 3 players from your server will do battle with 3 equal players on other servers. The matching of these challenges sometimes can be a little off as you may be put against players that are several levels higher than you.

Another area which allows cross server battles is the battleground. The battle ground is where you try to collect shards which can be exchanged for chest containing some great rewards and it is also where you can obtain honor. You obtain honor by doing battle with other players in battleground. Each battle ground has 2 sides and each side has 15 players. The idea where is to obtain more points than the other side to win the battleground. You do this by fighting the other side, collecting shards, and killing the other sides protective gaurdians.

Astral Wartune

When doing campaign maps in the autaric plains wartune you want to make sure that you have the best advantages of completing these maps. While these are the easy maps in wartune you must remember that your character is not that strong yet when these maps are available. Capturing astrals from the wartune astral system will increase the strength of your character making these maps a great deal easier to complete. Capture astrals, equip those astrals and build them up so your character can have the best possible stats boost.

When you reach higher level campaign maps such as the banshee wetlands wartune, you will be glad that you took the time to capture and build up your astrals. Each map that you complete and continue on to the next will get more and more challenging. The higher the level your astrals are the better boost you get to your stats. Take advantage of the free online rpg astral system and build up your characters strength and defenses by capturing the best astrals and leveling them up.

To get the most advantage you want to be sure to try and get orange astrals and red astrals as they are the strongest ones. These astrals are also the hardest to capture so you need to be careful and not spend too much gold while trying to capture these astrals.

Good Online Rpg Games

You can always tell if an online game is going to be good or not by the information that is posted about the game. Information such as strategy guides, helpful tips and tricks will give you a clue if the game is going to be a good game or just another thrown together game. The more detailed information you can find about a game the better that game is going to be. Make sure you always search for information on a game before you decide to start playing.

Best Game Faqs has posted many Wartunes Strategy informational post on blogs, forums, and websites. A strategy guide was written by best game faqs because wartune is one of the best online browser based games currently on the market. You will find many videos and other material about wartune posted online.


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So there I was playing tynon the online browser game doing my daily stuff and building up my character. Just then Shade messaged me in guild chat and said there was a statue I just had to see in the wilds. I asked shade where she was so she told me she was in the edge of outlands doing some grinding when she came across this statue. So I jumped on my trusty steed and proceeded to the edge of outlands in search of this mysterious statue. The edge of outlands in tynon is a pretty cool place with some very nice scenery, got to give the designers a hand on this one as they did a great job in the image creation.

Tynon Online Game  Anyways, following the directions given by shade I came to this mysterious statue and I just had to make a blog post on this. It seems one of the graphics designer either made a huge mistake or has a very weird sense of humor. As you can see in the screenshot with shade and I, the statue is actually flipping you off. Yes gamers this is what tynon thinks of us… lmao! Maybe one of the designers had a bad day or the wife would not give it up – who knows. None the less it was certainly funny as hell to see it :)

Want to join in the fun of this awesome online browser game ? Join us in the fire realm (LifeSteam server 45) or in the water realm (Rise Of Hope server 45). You can also visit the guild page for more information. Visit the LifeSteam Guild page now.


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