Today Tynon released a new update to their online mmorpg strategy game. The update makes several improvements along with some new features that players can enjoy.

 Tynon Casino

* Free Casino spins: Each player can play the Casino once daily for free.

* Casino Chips: In the Casino shop you can now buy discounted chips in bulk. You can enjoy 10 spins at one time as well.

 Tynon Mount

* Improved mounts: Mounts now give gameplay benefits by increasing HP and movement speed. Feeding or taming those mounts can upgrade them and increase bonuses.

 Royal Challenge

* Royal Challenge: 2 new heroes have been unlocked! Also, defeating Prophet Ezekiel will unlock the second Substitute slot in formation.

 Guild Battle

* Guild Warfare: Battle rewards double and durability deduction cut. Now players will get double rewards for each campaign they participate in. We have also cut the durability after each win to 3.

 Championship Warfare

* Championship Warfare: We’ve added bonus tickets for stars. For each star players earn in Championship Warfare, they will get an additional 10% tickets for each battle they win. We’ve also reset the stars players received previously.

 Other Tynon Patch Notes

* Level Cap: Max level cap has been increased to level 115.

* Sanctification Cards: Cards to sanctify Royal Challenge heroes are now available in the Championship Warfare shop and Labyrinth shop.

* Rune improvement: Burliness, Flintiness and Messiness can be leveled up to level 12.


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online browser gamesTynon is a free online social fantasy role playing game that is played in the browser. Tynon is set in the fantasy era with warriors, mages, heroes, and more. The game differs from many other online browser based games and offers a wide range of hero options such as recruiting legendary heroes to help fight with you through your quests. Tynon has been designed with a clean and organized interface with high quality and vivid graphics utilizing a flash based environment. 

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Tynon is an online based browser game that has had a complete overhaul earlier this year. The game has went more mature you could say, from being toon-ish like to having graphics that are more visually appealing to older gamers. Tynon has been gaining in popularity ever since the overhaul and with the latest updates the game is sure to grow even faster attracting many new online gamers. Detailed below is what this new major update has to offer.
   Royal Duels – Battle new hero’s and earn their loyalty by defeating them in battle. Each battle cost 5 stamina and you will have a chance of recruiting the hero you defeat. If you fail to recruit you can always go back and fight that hero again. Defeating certain hero’s in the royal duels will also unlock the new substitution feature which allows you to have extra hero’s on standby.
   Title Rank Recruit – You are now able to recruit hero’s directly from the title rank screen. When you reach a new title and unlock hero’s you are given the option to purchase that hero’s card with coins. These cards work the same way as the tavern and can be used to sanctify a hero you already have. Be aware that the sanctify can still fail.
   Sanctify Blue Hero’s – With the new update everybody has the option to sanctify blue card hero’s now to increase their attributes. The sanctify works the same way as it always has with the pink and gold hero cards.
   Transfer – On your hero screen you have the ability to transfer stars and attributes from one hero to another hero that is in the same class. For example you could transfer your sanctify and stars from Alexa to Saffron. The transfer cost 12 million coins and some stars and attributes may not fully transfer. Be careful with this new feature as you could lose valuable attributes, not to mention the cost is extremely expensive.
   Daily Invest – The daily investment for guild has been removed from the assistant and can be accessed through the Guild Events icon. Not sure if this was done on purpose or not so it may be fixed later.
   Hero Substitution – You now have the ability to have 3 extra hero’s as backups in battles. This is not directly given to you though as it is something that will need to be unlocked through the royal duels. With the substitution you will need to choose which hero’s to use and make sure you have extra armor and runes for them.
   Hero Inn – The hero inn will house your extra hero’s that you are not currently using. To use these hero’s you will need to deploy them and to put them back in the hero inn you will need to rest them. You an access the hero inn from your main hero interface and if you choose to rest a hero you will select that hero from your main hero screen and click on the rest button.
   Runes – The cap for divine and yellow runes have been increased to level 12 now giving you more powerful runes.
   Title Ranks – The title ranks have been re-calculated and now offer different rewards and hero’s for you to unlock.
   Results Button – You can now skip through the animation of battle by clicking on the results button, this will allow you to complete battles faster. There are new results after each battle now so you better understand the battle outcome.
   Championship Warfare – The new championship warfare is a new grand cross server pvp event that is not currently live yet. Additional details will be posted when we have them.

 For all those looking to play visit the guild page now and join a real guild full of real players that enjoy playing a game. Visit the LifeSteam Guild page now. Join s45 Winds Of Njord and PM Nikki (water realm) or Kammie (Fire realm) to request to become a member of the best guild on s45 – LifeSteam / Rise Of Hope.


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 If you are not playing Tynon then you just have no idea what you are missing. Tynon is a 3d browser based online game set in a fantasy theme structure. The game has several different heros to choose from and offers many of the daily events, rewards, arena, and weekly events like most online browser games. The difference with Tynon vs games such as odin quest is that the graphics engine and battles engine that are used in Tynon are top notch. Very high quality rendering of images as well as an excellent story line makes this a game you must not miss.
 Tynon as with most games does have it’s power seekers and drama queens though. For months on server 45 GummyLords have been spreading lies about Nikki that has created the tynon strategy guide website. They claimed that Nikki has 12 alt accounts, paying for all vips, and even renting a few high powerful accounts. Well all that ended today with a huge backlash on GummyLords (mainly “Roach”) when the truth finally came out and it was proven that GummyLords needed 12+ alts in guild wars just to win. As usual Roach went and posted in world chat after the battle gloating but then the truth of how they won came out and now many see GummyLords for what they really are.
 When one GummyLord guild member confronted Roach they was even kicked from the guild because the truth came out and Roach did not like it one bit. The funny part about all this is that they can’t win any battles without alternate accounts. They create 4 and 5 alternates in every realm because they have no real life and they trive on the drama online to feed their egos and make them feel satisfied in life. Other than all the drama that players like Roach and Sirwin need to create the game is awesome and is sure to please any gamer looking for an online browser based game.
 For all those looking to play visit the guild page now and join a real guild full of real players that enjoy playing a game. Visit the LifeSteam Guild page now. Join s45 Winds Of Njord and PM Nikki (water realm) or Kammie (Fire realm) to request to become a member of the best guild on s45 – LifeSteam / Rise Of Hope.


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Raising your power in tynon can be easily done by completing quests, building up your talents and building up your blacksmith. Higher power does not mean you are stronger than other online tynon gamers. This is one aspect of online games that many gamers get distracted by because they think the high power or battle rating a character has the stronger they are. This is not true in most cases as many times lower powered players can defeat higher power players.
  Building your characters up properly is far more important tha just focusing on power. You can build up your character and hero’s by focusing on the important parts such as increasing your armor level, increasing your weapons levels and increasing your talents along with those blacksmith upgrades. You must build your character up evenly and stay focused on these upgrades and ignore the power or battle rating that your character has. Becoming a powerful player in any game is not about being on the top ranks because your power is high, it’s about building up a proper character.
  Raise Your Hero’s Strength
  Instead of focusing on your power you should take of the important things such as upgrading your armor and weapons with plans and grinding for materials and then using blacksmith to upgrade. At the same time you need to focus on your talents and upgrade then and build evenly. Embedding jewels into your armor and weapons will also help your hero’s become strong. There are so many aspects that you could be focusing on to build a strong character, your power should be ignored and one of the last concerns.
  You can increase your stats by obtaining runes, building up your armor and weapons through the blacksmith, increasing your talents, upgrading your armor and weapons, and through the embed tab in blacksmith by adding gems / jewels to your armor and weapons. View our tynon guide on basic character building to learn more.


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