Raising your power in tynon can be easily done by completing quests, building up your talents and building up your blacksmith. Higher power does not mean you are stronger than other online tynon gamers. This is one aspect of online games that many gamers get distracted by because they think the high power or battle rating a character has the stronger they are. This is not true in most cases as many times lower powered players can defeat higher power players.
  Building your characters up properly is far more important tha just focusing on power. You can build up your character and hero’s by focusing on the important parts such as increasing your armor level, increasing your weapons levels and increasing your talents along with those blacksmith upgrades. You must build your character up evenly and stay focused on these upgrades and ignore the power or battle rating that your character has. Becoming a powerful player in any game is not about being on the top ranks because your power is high, it’s about building up a proper character.
  Raise Your Hero’s Strength
  Instead of focusing on your power you should take of the important things such as upgrading your armor and weapons with plans and grinding for materials and then using blacksmith to upgrade. At the same time you need to focus on your talents and upgrade then and build evenly. Embedding jewels into your armor and weapons will also help your hero’s become strong. There are so many aspects that you could be focusing on to build a strong character, your power should be ignored and one of the last concerns.
  You can increase your stats by obtaining runes, building up your armor and weapons through the blacksmith, increasing your talents, upgrading your armor and weapons, and through the embed tab in blacksmith by adding gems / jewels to your armor and weapons. View our tynon guide on basic character building to learn more.