Today Tynon released a new update to their online mmorpg strategy game. The update makes several improvements along with some new features that players can enjoy.

 Tynon Casino

* Free Casino spins: Each player can play the Casino once daily for free.

* Casino Chips: In the Casino shop you can now buy discounted chips in bulk. You can enjoy 10 spins at one time as well.

 Tynon Mount

* Improved mounts: Mounts now give gameplay benefits by increasing HP and movement speed. Feeding or taming those mounts can upgrade them and increase bonuses.

 Royal Challenge

* Royal Challenge: 2 new heroes have been unlocked! Also, defeating Prophet Ezekiel will unlock the second Substitute slot in formation.

 Guild Battle

* Guild Warfare: Battle rewards double and durability deduction cut. Now players will get double rewards for each campaign they participate in. We have also cut the durability after each win to 3.

 Championship Warfare

* Championship Warfare: We’ve added bonus tickets for stars. For each star players earn in Championship Warfare, they will get an additional 10% tickets for each battle they win. We’ve also reset the stars players received previously.

 Other Tynon Patch Notes

* Level Cap: Max level cap has been increased to level 115.

* Sanctification Cards: Cards to sanctify Royal Challenge heroes are now available in the Championship Warfare shop and Labyrinth shop.

* Rune improvement: Burliness, Flintiness and Messiness can be leveled up to level 12.


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online browser gamesTynon is a free online social fantasy role playing game that is played in the browser. Tynon is set in the fantasy era with warriors, mages, heroes, and more. The game differs from many other online browser based games and offers a wide range of hero options such as recruiting legendary heroes to help fight with you through your quests. Tynon has been designed with a clean and organized interface with high quality and vivid graphics utilizing a flash based environment. 

Tynon Strategy Guide brought to you by and Dot Com Game offers:

- Discover the elite hero skills that are used in the Tynon game and the best method to employ those skills for increasing your heroes fighting abilities. In Tynon, your heroes skills are vital to obtain higher rewards and top rankings

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- The Tynon runes strategy guide will help you discover the benefits of using runes to enhance your characters abilities. You will also find the best way to obtain higher level runes by following the special Rune Strategy laid out in the Tynon guide.

- The Tynon hero guide reveals a complete strategic plan to dominate the game. From the heroes you need to the runes necessary to create a highly powerful hero.

- Plus more….

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So GummyLords got angry from the post I made the other day and even tried to claim it as having fake screenshots, sorry dummy’s screenshots don’t lie. I have all of them blocked so I really don’t see what they say in world chat and nor do I care what they say. The funny thing is they would act all big and bad in world chat and gloat when they get lucky to win a battle one vs one but they cry like babies in PM to others and in guild chat where nobody else on the server can see. It would hurt their ego too much for others to know how they really are.

I was told today that one of the dummy’s was in world chat running off at the mouth when I was offline. The person told me they was gloating about sinking ships on the seas and my response was yes they don’t know how to count and are too stupid to realize everybody is still getting in 2 sails a day and there are still 20+ GummyLords sunk a day. Seriously these people are so full of themselves that they miss whats really going on and im sure not going to tell them.

Today I had 3 of them try to sunk me and failed, so I had a revenge fest and got millions in gold and credits. I decided not to stop there though because I went to the heroic realm and found dessel, sirwin, and roach and attacked all 3 of the losers and got more coins and credits. They went crying to aubry to revenge me but sorry was too late all the coins and credits was spent .. lmao

All in all it was a good day! Oh by the way Gummy’s do you really think anybody cares if you sink a few boats ? I got way more rewards from the revenges on Sirwin and Demetra than I did the sails.. Ha Ha!


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There are powerful runes in the tynon rune temple which will help increase your hero’s abilities such as attack strength and defense. Obtaining these runes are not always easy and sometimes could cost you millions in coins before you see any decent runes. On avgerage for every 1 million in coins you spend you will obtain about 4,000 in rune experience. This mainly depends upon what runes you capture when you participate in the rune temple. While doing runes you can also obtain rune fragments which can be exchanged for more powerful runes.
  The best runes to use will depend upon the hero’s you have chosen to use in tynon. Some hero’s can use the same runes while other runes will be useless on some hero’s. For example a magic attack rune does no good for your main hero when your main hero is an archer, the magic attack runes obviously should be used for mages. The same is true with morale runes as they are useless on mages due to the fact that mages do not have any skill attack. Morale runes should be used on your main and other hero’s such as adam, cianna, saffron, and etc.
  The yellow runes are the most powerful runes in tynon and your goal is to obtain all the yellow runes for your hero’s. You must use the proper yellow runes for the proper hero though as explained above. When you have saved up 20 fragments you can exchange them for yellow runes. You can capture yellow runes but keep in mind it is 100% random and you may get the same rune you already rune. This is why it is important to save your rune fragments and buy the yellow runes that you desire.
  Building up your runes are just as important as obtaining the yellow runes. You want to build your runes evenly for the best possible stats for your hero’s to have maximum benefits of attacks and/or defense. If you build up your vigor runes to level 5 then you should make sure all other runes are level 5 before making your vigor rune any higher, this is how you build evenly. The red runes are of no use and can only be sold back for 2,800 coins. You can obtain rune shards normally by the advanced rune keepers and can redeem these shards for higher level runes that you can’t seem to capture.
  Discover a more detailed view of the runes by visiting our Tynon Rune Guide and learning more about the most powerful runes in tynon.


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The are multiple ways on how to get free gems for the online browser based game of tynon. When you first join tynon your are given 100′s of gems in the first 7 days. Saving these gems are the best thing you can do to help your character later on in the game. If done properly you should have around 800 gems at the end of day 7 and assuming that you have collected all rewards. There are other ways to obtain gems that will help you through-out the game of tynon. Before we discuss those other ways you should know that it is a complete waste of gems to spend these gems on mysterious chest and waste them on boss fights.
 Get Tynon Gems From Arena
 The arena area will randomly generate gems stakes for players, these stakes will be in the amount of 10 gems, 100 gems or 1,000 gems. While there is no way to tell who will randomly be picked for these gems, you can always steal other players stakes to claim their gems. Staying in the lower ranks in the arena helps as you are able to get to the randomly generated gems easier. Slowly climbing in the ranks keep a close eye on the stakes and wait for the gems to appear on other players. Attack them and defeat them, you will obtain their gem stakes with will give you 50% of the gem stake. If you are the one that has been picked to get the tynon free gem stake, then watch them and make sure you pick them up when the timer counts down.
 Get Tynon Gems From Sailing
 Sailing in tynon will give you some decent rewards, especially if you get in 2 or 3 sails everyday. On Saturday tynon has a special event that includes gems when sailing. The amount of these gems are 10, you will receive 5 at the start of your sail and the other 5 when you make it to the end. Some servers have a truce on Saturday which means no hits or no sinking on Saturday to allow everyone on the server to obtain their gems. If you are not part of any truce then hitting and stealing as many maps as possible for yourself and your guild is the best option to obtain free tynon gems on Saturday.
 Other Ways To Get Tynon Gems For Free
 The are other ways you can obtain free tynon gems in the game. You can get gems from doing events such as heaven palace on the weekend, completing the tynon labyrinth several times a day and getting card picks from completed quests. To discover more ways to get free tynon gems through-out the game and how no to waste the gems you do have, visit our tynon gems guide for additional information.


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