The wartune academy is a building inside your city that allows you to research technologies. These technologies will help increase the stats of your troops and the stats of your character. There is one technology that increases your gold production for your city. All of these technologies play an important role in building up your characters strength and making sure that your troops are as strong as possible.

Not all technologies in the academy will pertain to your character or your troops. For instance if you have a knight then you want to ignore magic attack because knights have no magic. The same thing goes for your troops, unless you have angels or warlocks, then you do not need magic attack technology for your troops. When you first start in the academy not all technologies will be open up, they will open as you level up.

The most important technologies to research is the gold production and your character technologies. While the troops research is important it is not as important as your character research. Focus on building up your character and gold technologies more than the troops technologies. When you add 4 or 5 points to your character techs then you can add 1 point for the troop techs. This way you are still building up the troops but mainly staying focused on your character.

Do not worry about your troops being behind you because once you reach around level 50 with your character, your leveling up will slow down. Due to this slow down in leveling you will be able to obtain more kyanite before leveling. This is where you will be able to catch up on your troop technologies. If you are farming several times a day and plundering others, then you should have no problem having all your technologies at maximum with your character at around level 55.

If you have vip the above will be a great deal easier to accomplish because the cooldown times in wartune can get very high. You do not have to have vip but it does help things go faster. Another thing you could do to help get your academy techs maxed out with your character is to start saving kyanite when your character reaches 50% to the next level. Once your character does level then you will have 60,000 or more in kyanite saved to spend on the important technologies.

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