Learning more about wartune could not be easier. There has been a great deal of content written that will help you understand the game and become a more effective player. Wartune is browser-based and does not require a download or anything to be installed on your computer, and like all aeria wartune game titles, it is free-to-play.

The fast paced interactive combat systems is one of Wartunes strongest functions. Players enter into battle with their character and with two contingents of troops, exchanging blows automatically with enemies. Players can generate rage through the use of combat skills and use that rage for their most powerful combat attacks. The QTE battle system allows players to increase the damage of their attacks by quickly pressing a random set of keys. These quick time events require fast reflexes to keep the game players on their toes.

Another function in wartune that many players enjoy is the

Astral Wartune

system which helps build up your character so your become stronger. New astal spots will open up every 10th level that you reach allowing you to equip another astral for a maximum of 8 astrals. There are many different abilities ranging from increased magic attack to increased health and from hp regeneration to increased defense.

Capturing the right astrals for your character sometimes can be the difficult part and cost a massive amount of gold. Recently wartune released a new patch that allows you to capture and purchase red astrals which have an even higher starting attributes than the gold astrals that many are used to getting. The new red astrals do cost twice as much now and are even more difficult to capture than the orange astrals.

One of the best functions is wartune besides what has already been mentioned is the fact that they have many campaign maps. Each of these maps are divided into their own section telling a little bit of the story behind wartune with each map you complete. The first campaign maps which are in the autaric plains wartune section helps reveal the start of the wartune story. There are a total of 7 maps in this first section which are designed for characters level 5 through level 21.

The banshee wetlands wartune which starts the 3rd section of campaign maps for the fetid swamp requires your character to be a level 30. The campaign maps in this section of the free online rpg are designed for character levels 30 through level 40. Each campaign maps that you clear will reveal a little more of the story of wartune and become more challenging to your character.

Good Online Rpg Games

are those that have great replay value, an excellent story line and helpful tips to help you throughout the game. Many of the online browser games lack the ability to offer you strategy guides and helpful advice on the games. This is mainly due to the fact that many developers just assume you know how to play the games they create.

The official Wartunes Strategy guide is an excellent source to use to help you with your gaming experience in wartune. The guide gives step by step walkthroughs, advice on how to capture the best astrals, and even tips of building a better and stronge game character.


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Your friends have asked you to join wartune and you want to know more about wartune before you actually join. Wartune is a free to play online browser based strategy game with multi-player functions. The game is based on fantasy and demon monsters with 3d rendering and 2d performance for high quality visual appeal. The level of gameplay in wartune is excellent with many different aspects from campaign maps to character building and from multi-player cross server abilities to building up your city.

Some online games feel like more work than gameplay but wartune is nothing like this. While there are many activities and events, some things are on a schedule which can be a disappointment to some that cant be online when those events occur. Although some of these events are scheduled they are also repeated throughout the day so if you miss a world boss fight in the morning, you can always fight in it in the afternoon or evening.

Depending upon where you play wartune, there are some game servers that have special events of their own for the game. Aeria wartune is one of the game servers that have recently started hosting their own wartune game. You can find other servers such as 2rgames, game321, and many more. I personally prefer to play on wartune.com as it seems to get the updates faster than what I have seen on other game servers.

Astral Wartune

One of the most popular sections in wartune is the astral system where you captures astrals and equip them to your character. These astrals range in strength, type, function, and abilities. For instance you can capture a green hp astral that will add a base of 100 to your hp while capturing a blue astral of the same type would add a base of 200 to your hp. Not all astrals add to your stats though as some are only used during battle. Will destroyer for instance will add x% damage to your current damage.

You can build up these astrals by capturing astrals and synthesizing them together to make them more powerful. Each time you synthesize an astral it gains experience points. The higher the level astral the more powerful it becomes but it also requires more expereince to reach the next level. It is important to capture and build up your wartune astrals not only for battles against other players but also for campaign maps such as the starting 7 maps in the autaric plains wartune section.

You also have other campaign maps such as the banshee wetlands wartune and another 60+ more maps each with their own unique layout and difficulty. One excellent thing that the wartune free online rpg has done is to create enough maps for you to enjoy the game for months. Unlike some online games where you can complete the entire game in a few weeks to maybe a month or two.

Good Online Rpg Games

Any good online game should have a high replay ability and wartune makes sure you have enough events and quests to do for high replay value. Even following some of the strategy guides to help you throughout the game, you will still always find new things to do. Almost every month there are new events introduced and in these events you will find new items, new mounts, and many other wartune items.

No matter what new events open though you will always be able to put into action the Wartunes Strategy that you have learned or discover into action. Applying these strategies to your game play will help ensure that you will get the most out of wartune.


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Most gamers just assume that by leveling up your character you become strong but this is not exactly true with all games. Wartune when you level up it only gives you one or two points which increases your stats by very little. It is very possible to level up too fast and be a very weak player in wartune. This is why it is important for you to focus on other aspects in wartune that does help you upgrade your strength.

Focus on obtaining your guild tower skills by contributing to your guild and using those contributions on the tower skills. Tower skills will increase your stats drastically which will help you become strong. Another area that you should focus on is the astral system in wartune. By capturing good astrals and leveling those astrals up, you will see a drastic increase in your character stats and strength.

While the guild tower skills and astrals are very important parts of wartune, you must also focus on some of the little things to help maximize your strength. Blitzing through the catacombs every day to obtain gems that can be converted and synthesized will increase your wartune stats. Leveling out all academy technologies, upgrading your soul engraving, and using whips to increase your mount stats, all play an important role in building up your character to become strong.

Some wartune players prefer to spend money on balens and buy up everything they see. This does not mean those players are strong because there is a difference between buying every new item that comes out and being smart about what you buy. I know one player on our server that spent $600 to obtain a special mount from a wartune event and then spent another $60 for mounts in the shop. This player is so funny because he thinks he is strong but other players that have spent only $10 on the game can still beat him.

So think twice about what you buy and waste money on, you can build a very strong character without spending money. You just have to be smart about it and build up the proper things as discussed above. For more proven and time tested wartune strategy see our Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing


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 There is a difference of opinion on what are the best astrals for knights in wartune. As someone that has played the game since it was created I can give you proven and tested advice on the best astrals. While many seem to think that will destroyer is an excellent astral for knights, I personally disagree. Will destroyer was designed for mages and not knights. The astral may seem like it makes you stronger but in reality it holds you back from making the highest attacks on monsters, bosses, and other players.

Instead of disabling your critical attacks as a knight, you should be using them to get more powerful hits. I play on several servers but the main on is wartune s29 as I am the guild master for xcution, a top ranked guild. Some of the players on the site make fun of us knights that have critical stats and they call us crit knights. Those making the fun are using will destroyer because they was mislead by someone claiming to be an expert on wartune strategy. The thing is these will destroyer knights can’t beat us crit knights without massively potting up, while we beat them with no pots at all.

This is mainly because we have built our knights properly with the proper astrals. Some of those will destroyer knights have even spent thousands of dollars in the game. This is what makes the entire thing funny because we have not spent no where near that kind of money. It seems some just never learn even when you show them ..lol The higher your crit stats is the better off your knight will be and this is especially true in world boss fights and guild battle.

The best astrals for knights in wartune are the following:


If you are level 80 then you can include 2 more astrals which could be hp regen and reduce all damage.

For more proven and time tested wartune strategy see our Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing


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