Wartune has many different game publishers that have started hosting the game, aeria wartune is just one of the many different game publishers. Most of these game publishers have 10 or more servers that are dedicated to wartune. With wartune.com and rggames.com being the largest ones with well over 70 servers each. No matter what game publisher or game server you decide to play on though, you are sure to enjoy wartune.

One of the popular functions is wartune is the astral wartune system which allows you to capture astrals. These astrals are used to equip to your character to increase their attacks, defenses, and other stats. With each set of astrals there are 18 different types to choose from, except the red astrals which only have 8 different types. You can choose between green, blue, purple, orange and red with green being the weakest and red being the strongest.

As you build up your astrals and progress to a stronger astral you will be able to have many more options to increase your defenses or stats. For instance a green fortitude astral which is a physical defense astral starts with a base of +72 where a refined fortitude purple astral stats with a base of +144 for physical defense. Pristine fortitude which is the orange physical defense astral starts with a base of +216 and the red holy fortitude starts with +288. As you can see it will help increase you stats a great deal more by capturing orange or red astrals.

Autaric Plains Wartune

The campaign maps in wartune are all unique in their own way and each one of them helps unfold a little more of the sotry as you progress through these maps. The banshee wetlands wartune starts off the third section of campaign maps and becomes available to you when you reach level 30 and you have completed the second set of campaign maps. Each section of campaign maps contain seven different maps except deathy sands which contains eight maps. These maps open up when you reach a certain level and you have completed the prior maps in that section.

The baylon plains wartune is the second map on the first sections of campaign maps. It contains several different quests that help you get started in wartune. Baylon plains opens up when you reach level 9 which is very easy to do with online rpg free game of wartune. As you progress through these sections you will find that each campaign maps get more difficult and has its own challenges. To complete some quests you may need to revisit these maps at a later time in the game, be sure to use the blitz function for these so you do not have to manually go through each of the maps again.

2014 Free Mmorpg

The best strategy mmo of 2013 hands down is wartune. Wartune is fully browser based and requires no downloads or installations of any software. It is free to play wartune and only requires you to register an account with a valid email address. The game mechanics, graphics, visual appeal, and sound are second to none. The battle system is an interactive system that allows the game player to actually be involved in the battles with the QTE system.

Wartunes Strategy help and guides exist to help you further you game and create the best and strongest character on your server. Following the advice in these player guides will not only save you from making costly mistakes but will also give you an edge over other players.