Campaign maps in wartune can be a lot of fun and reward you with some amazing items. What makes these campaign maps fun and interesting is that they are not all the same like you may see on some games. For instance the banshee wetlands wartune map is set in a swamp land theme. Making these maps unique from the others. Other maps such as the baylon plains wartune are set in a mountain theme so they are also unique to all others.

Having these campaign maps set up on their own theme keeps things interesting and fun to play. You are not faced with the same old maps over and over. Each of these campaign maps also play an important role in the story behind wartune. When you first start a new map you will have a conversation with dinah, the high priestess that will talk about that map and reveal a small part of the wartune storyline. On some maps you may have a coversation with Elise instead but im not going to release any spoilers here so I will not say which maps this occurs on.

Beat Wartune Levels

Building up your character stats through obtaining guild tower skills, capturing and leveling up astrals, and maxing out academy technologies, will help you in beating wartune. There are many other aspects of the game that can be used to build up your character, you are not limited to just the ones mentioned above. Doing runs on the maps in the hall of heroes helps you in building up your character, obtaining insignias through arena pvp battles, exchanging insignias for advanced armor in the arena shop. These are just some of the way to help build up your character to become strong.

While the best games wartune offers many ways to gain experience to level up your character, this does not make your character strong. Leveling up only gives you a few points on your stats where capturing and leveling up astrals would add hundreds of points to your character stats. Most free rpg games online actually push you to level up fast but this is not always in your best interest. Focus more on building up your character vs actually leveling up.

2D Browser Games Mmorpg

Great browser games will always cater to the game player needs with helpful tips, tricks, and even strategy guides online that can be used to further that gamers playing experience. Wartune is one of the very few online browser games that actually does offer helpful tips and advice. The information on the wartune game is limited though and for this reason a complete wartune strategy guide has been created.

The Wartunes Strategy guide will help you not only get started in the game but also give you great advice and tips on how to become a better player. There are many sections in the guide that will explain to you how to produce more gold, explain how wartune character stats work, how to capture the best astrals, the best ways to become an active member in your guild, and more.