While I have seen many gamers in wartune with knights that swear by will destroyer astral, I personally will never use will destroyer because it disables your critical attacks. I have ran many test in the last 8 months with will destroyer vs snipers edge and every single time snipers edge will out last and out win by doing more damage over a longer period.

Many of the knights on my server laugh at us critical knights but the funny part is they can’t beat us without potting up. Eeven those that have spent $1,000+ in wartune can’t beat us “crit knights” as they call us. If you are wanting to build a knight that is going to do major damage then using the following build will help you.

Some seem to think that critical attacks only help in world boss but this is not true, if it was archers would be pretty useless in wartune. Critical attacks can be used in every aspect of wartune and the higher critical you have the more damage you will do. To get your knight doing some major damage with criticals it does take a little bit of work.

You will need a snipers edge astral and a determination astral, ideally the snipers edge you will want the red astral and determination the orange astral. You should have these built up to level 5 at least and yes this will take some work. Start out with level 2 and 3 and build it up over time. Once you have these astrals at high levels then there is another astral you can get to help cause even more damage.

The astral is called ruthlessness and you should get the orange one and jave it at level 5 also. Now ruthlessness can be a risky astral because what it does is expands the floating damage. For instance if I have a level 4 ruthlessness astral then I can do 28% floating damage. This means I can do an extra 28% damage or less 28% damage and this is where the risk comes into play. You can lower that risk though by having a high physical attack.

Ideally you want to be using the holy force red astral which is patk and you want it to level 5 or 6 or even higher. Using the snipers edge combined with ruthlessness, determination, and holy force, you will be able to do some major damage to all those will destroyer knights. Even ones that spend hundreds of dollars in the wartun game. If you want to increase your critical damage even more then get legendary items and start using your 4th socket for critical gems.

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While many players decide to sink every once of gold they get into astrals, this is not the best strategy to follow. You need to divide your resources properly so you are able to build up your character. Basically this means take your time and build up slowly, there is no race and certainly no bonuses for being the first one to level up on your server.

Take your gold and use it wisely to help your character build up the best way possible. Because guild skills and enchanting armor is just as important as astrals, you want to focus on all of them at the same time and not pour all your gold into 1 thing. Take 70% of your gold and contribute it to your guild so you can obtain guild tower skills. Take the other 30% and spend it on astrals to try and capture and build up astrals.

When you have armor that needs enchanted then cut back on your guild contributions temporarily. After your armor has been enchanted then go back to 70% contributions. These 70% contributions will help you get guild tower skills faster. Once you have obtained all your guild tower skills then you can focus on putting more gold into astrals.

The best way to build up astrals and your character in wartune is slowly. Build them up over time and this even includes your level. You could level up too fast and become weak because leveling only gives you a few points to your stats. Astrals and guild towers skills on the other hand add hundreds of points to your stats. So take your time and build up things evenly and divide your resources properly.

Follow this simple strategy and you will have a very strong player that can beat wartune levels that are 5 or 6 levels higher than you. For more wartune strategy tips and tricks see the Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing which has many easy to use wartune strategies.


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There are many wartune tips and tricks that you can use to build a better wartune character and to beat wartune levels. Unlike many you do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in wartune to become a strong player. There are some players that I know of that have spent in excess of $5,000 in wartune but you do not have to do this. You can gain everything that the balen spenders gain (expect maybe wings) it just will take longer.

There are some very strong players in wartune that have spent $0 on balens, they have become strong because they listened to great advice given out by bestgamefaqs.com. There are many wartune tips and tricks on this site that will help you build proper character stats and help you become a better player. Ill be the first to admit that vip does help a great deal with cool downs but even vip is not needed to become a strong player.

For instance you can plant 1 hour farm seeds and obtain more gold faster vs planting 4 hour farm seeds. Because gold is the most important aspect in wartune, you should be planting mostly all gold along with 1 kyanite seed. If you have your farm level at 30 then you can plant 8 gold and 1 kyanite seed every 1 hour. Doing this will give you the most gold and kyanite every day. Over night when you are offline then you can plant the 4 hour seeds.

Another great wartune tip is to spend most of your gold with your guild until you obtain all guild tower skills. If you have armor to enchant then enchant it and return back to spending most of your gold with your guild. Obtaining these guild tower skills will increase your character stats drastically. Once you have one set of guild skills then spend a little on astrals while still contributing to your guild. This way you can build up your guild skills and astrals at the same time.

Make sure you blitz the catacombs every day to get the most gems. Following the advice by bestgamefaqs.com you can get to the level 90 in the catacombs when you are level 45. Once you do get to level 90 or even level 100 then just blitz every day for and stock pile gems until you are able to build level 3, level 4 or level 5 gems. Keep in mind the most important gems are hp, patk (matk for mages), pdef, and mdef. Dont waste your efforts on getting critical or chrisma gems.

None of these wartune tips and tricks cost balens or require you to send money on the game. All of them will help you build up a very strong player so you can actually compete with those balens spenders that spend money because they have no skills. You can learn more effective strategies in the Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing which has many easy to use wartune tips and tricks.


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Wartune has cross server rewards for those that participate in the arena player vs player mode and battlegrounds. When you enter the arena to fight against other players on another server, your obvious goal is to win these battles. Winning each battle will give 15 insignias and 15 pvp points, while losing you just get 5 insignias. The amount of pvp points obtained from battlegrounds varies and are only earned when you kill other players.

Personally by choice I choose not to do battleground in wartune as I find the system setup a bit lame. If you choose to do battleground then you can earn some extra pvp points. The arena should be your main focus though because it is far easier to obtain pvp points + get insignias at the same time. The idea here is to try and obtain as many pvp points as you can in the week provided.

Weekly rewards are paid out on saturday from the points you earned from the previous saturday all the way through friday. If you have obtained at least 1,000 pvp points in the week then you will be granted a warriors mark chest. This chest will contain 1 random item and at least 1 mount spirit card. If you collect 15 mount spirit cards then you can go to the blacksmith and synthesize the cards to obtain the nightshade mount.

To obtain the nightshade mount faster and easier, you should follow the simple strategy below. Before deciding to do arena pvp battles you want to setup a scheduled time where 2 other guild members are going to be on to do the battles with you. Do not choose people outside your guild because all that does is help your competition become stronger. Do battles only with guild members in your guild. Doing so will help strengthen your entire guild.

These 2 guild members should be around your level so you will be matched up better in arena. You chracter and the 2 guildies should have potions on to help you with these battles. No matter how strong you think you are, there is always someone else stronger. So use your potions and even scrolls if you have extra ones. Be prepared to do all 30 battles in arena with your chosen group.

If you use potions and possibly some scrolls and runes along with your group being around the same level, then you should have little trouble winning at least 20 or so battles out of the 30. Keep working at this all week with the same group and your weekly rewards for pvp battles will be waiting for you each saturday.

Need to learn more strategies ? You can check out the full official Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing which has many easy to use wartune strategies.


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The wartune academy is a building inside your city that allows you to research technologies. These technologies will help increase the stats of your troops and the stats of your character. There is one technology that increases your gold production for your city. All of these technologies play an important role in building up your characters strength and making sure that your troops are as strong as possible.

Not all technologies in the academy will pertain to your character or your troops. For instance if you have a knight then you want to ignore magic attack because knights have no magic. The same thing goes for your troops, unless you have angels or warlocks, then you do not need magic attack technology for your troops. When you first start in the academy not all technologies will be open up, they will open as you level up.

The most important technologies to research is the gold production and your character technologies. While the troops research is important it is not as important as your character research. Focus on building up your character and gold technologies more than the troops technologies. When you add 4 or 5 points to your character techs then you can add 1 point for the troop techs. This way you are still building up the troops but mainly staying focused on your character.

Do not worry about your troops being behind you because once you reach around level 50 with your character, your leveling up will slow down. Due to this slow down in leveling you will be able to obtain more kyanite before leveling. This is where you will be able to catch up on your troop technologies. If you are farming several times a day and plundering others, then you should have no problem having all your technologies at maximum with your character at around level 55.

If you have vip the above will be a great deal easier to accomplish because the cooldown times in wartune can get very high. You do not have to have vip but it does help things go faster. Another thing you could do to help get your academy techs maxed out with your character is to start saving kyanite when your character reaches 50% to the next level. Once your character does level then you will have 60,000 or more in kyanite saved to spend on the important technologies.

Learn more about the wartune academy and other strategies by getting your copy of the Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing


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