Creating a guild in wartune is not that difficult and only cost you 2 million gold. Once you reach level 12 you are giving the option to join a guild or create your own guild. Some go and create their own guild not understanding how a guild runs and what needs to be done to have a successful guild. This is one reason why you will see so many inactive guilds on your server.

Not only should you fully understand how to play wartune but you also need to have leadership skills in order to run a guild. Running a guild takes time, effort, and work – just creating a guild and posting a recruit link in world chat 5 times a day is not going to get you the successful guide you want. If you do not know how to help players, answer questions, communicate, and organize task, then creating a guild probably is not for you.

Being a guild master is hard work and you must know how to organize things such as guild battle, divine altar, and guild tree of ancients. You must be able to set times for these things that will benefit everybody in the guild. Guild battle already has a set time but you will must be able to come up with a battle plan for your guild members to follow. Just rushing in and attacking don’t work, never has and never will.

You must decide what needs upgrading in the guild that is going to benefit the entire guild. You must decide who gets guild battle chest at the end of the week and be prepared to answer someone when they ask why they didn’t get a chest. There are many things that you have to take into consideration when wanting to run your own guild and be a guild master. The above as just a few things on a long list of to do.

You can assign task to certain guild master assistants to help with battle plans or answering questions to newbies. This will help ease some of the work load off you and make things smoother for everybody involved. Even having a few assistants though you will still be required to do work and as a guild master you must posses leadership skills in order to get these things done.

Want to learn more about being a guild master ? Need help with strategy on running a guild ? You can check out the full official Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing which has a chapter devoted to running your own guild.


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Most gamers just assume that by leveling up your character you become strong but this is not exactly true with all games. Wartune when you level up it only gives you one or two points which increases your stats by very little. It is very possible to level up too fast and be a very weak player in wartune. This is why it is important for you to focus on other aspects in wartune that does help you upgrade your strength.

Focus on obtaining your guild tower skills by contributing to your guild and using those contributions on the tower skills. Tower skills will increase your stats drastically which will help you become strong. Another area that you should focus on is the astral system in wartune. By capturing good astrals and leveling those astrals up, you will see a drastic increase in your character stats and strength.

While the guild tower skills and astrals are very important parts of wartune, you must also focus on some of the little things to help maximize your strength. Blitzing through the catacombs every day to obtain gems that can be converted and synthesized will increase your wartune stats. Leveling out all academy technologies, upgrading your soul engraving, and using whips to increase your mount stats, all play an important role in building up your character to become strong.

Some wartune players prefer to spend money on balens and buy up everything they see. This does not mean those players are strong because there is a difference between buying every new item that comes out and being smart about what you buy. I know one player on our server that spent $600 to obtain a special mount from a wartune event and then spent another $60 for mounts in the shop. This player is so funny because he thinks he is strong but other players that have spent only $10 on the game can still beat him.

So think twice about what you buy and waste money on, you can build a very strong character without spending money. You just have to be smart about it and build up the proper things as discussed above. For more proven and time tested wartune strategy see our Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing


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