Gold production is one of the most important aspects of wartune. I am constantly being asked by wartune players on how they can obtain more gold for astrals capturing, enchanting armor, and contributing to their guild. Depending upon how many hours a day you play wartune, you can obtain more gold through farming your wartune farm land.

Wartune farm shop has many different seeds that you can purchase and these seeds have different times to mature. While go for the 4 hour seeds, you can actually obtain more gold through planting the 1 hour seeds. Again this depends upon how long you are going to be online playing because you want to make sure you can harvest your farm every hour.

Planting 1 hour seeds will net you more gold in the long run vs planting a 4 hour seed and leaving the game. For best results your farm should be at level 30. Purchase 8 gold seeds and 1 kyanite seed that has 1 hour maturity on them. Plant these seeds and go do some of your daily devotions. Come back harvest your farm and plant the same 1 hour seeds again.

Blitz the catacombs and complete some more of your daily devotions, return to your farm and once again harvest it and replant the same 1 hour seeds. Repeat the same process of harvesting and replanting between arena duels, hoh runs, battle ground and etc. Doing this for 4, 5, or even 6 hours will give you the most gold and kyanite. When you are ready to leave wartune for the day then plant your 4 hour seeds or 12 hour seeds depending upon when you are going to return.

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