When you get partially through the first stages of wartune the campaign maps will open. The first part of maps that become available to you are the autaric plains wartune which contain seven different maps. These campaign maps in this section are part of the wartune tutorial and will help you learn how the maps and the battle system works in wartune. By learning how these maps work you will be ready for the higher level maps such as the banshee wetlands wartune which opens up in the third section of campaign maps when you reach level 30.

Baylon Plains Wartune

One of the first maps to offer quests in the campaign map section is the baylon plains. These quests are still part of the tutorial that you will be going through and are a great way to learn the mechanics of wartune. One thing you need to make sure of on these maps is that you explore them fully. If you want to learn how to beat wartune levels then you need to take the time to explore these campaign maps to make sure you are not missing any valuable rewards. There are some chest and change purses that are hidden on the sides of the maps that you may miss if you fail to explore everything.

Beating wartune is possible if you take your time and explore all the sections of wartune and build up your character the proper way. All the maps in wartune contain the fog of war (the maps are black and only cleared by your character walking through the maps) and this is why exploring each area is very important. While going through these maps you want to make sure you get all the rewards they have to offer.

Most rpg games online free to play offer ways for you to gain extra rewards and experience to build up your character. Wartune is no different, you just have to be smart about playing to take advantage and get the extra rewards. For instance if you have a 2 bounty quests to kill 20 monsters of the same level, then accept one, put on a 50% experience scroll and then go blitz a campaign map 2 times. Once the blitz is done accept the other bounty and run 3 more times. This way you are blitzing 5 times and getting 5x the rewards, if doing this for your daily quest also (which requires 3 runs of a campaign map) then you will get experience and gold from the daily quest also.

You gain experience from the map, from the bounty, and from the experience scroll. Doing this will gain you the most rewards because you are adding several different instances into one big blitz. I have done this strategy myself and have ended up with 2 million experience, 200k in gold, and many other items. This is the best strategy to use to gain the most benefit. There are several different ways to combine quest all into one for the most rewards.

2D Browser Games

For internet gamers the online browser games are by far the most popular type of games they love to play. If you can locate online strategy guides for these games then players will enjoy the game even more. Browser based games are basically easy access for most who are already online and this is one reason why they are so popular these days. Who wants to wait for some game to download and then wait several hours for install just to find out the game has to be updated also. Many times gamers stop half way through this process and go find something else to do.

Wartune is a browser based game and should be one of your favorites, if not then start playing today. There are Wartunes Strategy guides and a complete strategy website offered by BestGameFaqs.com to help the players advance their game play. Wartune is an excellent game but having strategies for the best way to play helps out.