Gold production in wartune is very important as I am sure you are already aware of. There are many ways you can go about creating or obtaining more gold for your wartune needs. If you focus on these ethods you will be able to produce gold faster. You can focus on more than one method at a time and do not have to spend all your time on just trying to gain more gold through one method alone.

 Farming For Wartune Gold
 If you are going to be on for several hours then you can actually plant 1 hour gold seeds. Assuming you have your farm upgraded to level 30, you can plant 8 gold seeds and 1 kyanite seed that has 1 hour maturity. By planting the 1 hour seeds you are actually able to produce more gold and kyanite vs planting 4 hour or 12 hours seeds. Since you will be on for severak hours you can crop your farm once every hour.

 If you have upgraded farms land, which you should, then you can actually crop your farm once every 45 minutes or so with 1 hour seeds. Having upgraded farm land will not only reduce the maturity time but it will increase the production rate of those crops. This means even more gold and kyanite that you can obtain through 1 hour seeds.

 Wartune World Boss Fights
 If you are a level 50+ and you have all your armor enchanted along with your rings and jewelry, then you will have no problem obtaining an excellent amount of gold and daru through the world boss fights. You should be able to get no less than 7 hits in each session with the world boss. This is mainly done through the use of double hits which gives you more damage to the world boss.

 Enter the world boss and put on 1 red potion (I suggest level 5) or 1 blue potion for mages. The potions can be obtained in your guilds shop. Put on 1 attack scroll or magic attack for mages, and 1 critical scroll. The scrolls can be obtained through the crypt shop. Make sure that you have a critical astral on such as snipers edge (orange level 5 would be best). Now spend 200 vouchers for the extra bonus which will increase your attack and criticals.

 Doing this will give you the most damage and net you the most gold and daru. You should have no problems obtaining 1 million gold with each and every world boss fight.

 There are many other ways to obtain gold in wartune without spending money for balens. For more proven and time tested wartune strategy see our Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing