The banshee wetlands wartune campaign map activates when your character reaches level 30. The maps in this section are set in a swamp theme and some of them are longer than the previous maps such as the baylon plains wartune. There are many campagn maps in wartune, each with their own level of difficulty and their own set of monsters and bosses. What all these maps have in common is that they all payout experience points, have item drops in the form of chest, and give rewards for comepleting the maps.

Beat Wartune Levels

You can beat these wartune levels by playing smart and building up your character stats over just trying to level up your character. Once you have your farm at level 30 then focus your time on planting 8 gold seeds and 1 kyanite seed constantly. The gold will allow you to enchant your armor, get guild tower skills and capture astrals, while the kyanite will help you upgrade your academy technologies. There are the things that you need to focus on to build up your character and make that character strong. In no time at all you will have no problems beating wartune by following this simple strategy.

The best games wartune has been designed like most free rpg games online and that is to get you to level up fast by offering you extra experience in the form of farm seeds, special events, and world prosperty. You do not want to follow this path of leveling up too fast though. The problem is it will make you have a high level character that is weak and can be beat by lower levels. While it is good to level up to level 40 fairly fast you want to slow it down after this points and focus on building up your character as much as possible.

In order to slow down your leveling you may want to skip doing the hall of heroes for a few weeks and focus on doing your campaign map runs, the catacombs run, and your daily devotional. You will obtain gems from the catacombs which will allow you to upgrade your gems. The daily devotions, campaign maps, and planting your farm as specified above will allow you to build up your character strength and defenses. Staying focused on these for several weeks and your academy technologies will get maxed out, your troops will get maxed out, you will be able to obtain your guild tower skills, and you will be able to have fully enchanted armor.

2D Browser Games Mmorpg

The browser ased games are very popular with gamers but some never follow a strategy to help them in the game and they end up having weak characters. There are strategy guides online to help you in the wartune online game, all you need to do is put the strategy into action. Just as the above simple strategy on how to build up your character to become strong. Following these simple strategies will help you go a long way in wartune so you can become a top ranked player.

Wartunes Strategy can be used through-out the game to help you complete quests, build a stronger character, obtain more gold, and even enjoy rich rewards. Following strategies in games such as wartune can save you from making costly mistakes in the early stages. Putting these strategies into action will also help you have a more enjoyable game.


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Do you like RTS gaming? If so you have to get Starcraft 2. In this second installment Blizzard once again pits the Zerg, Terran and Protoss against each other. In Starcraft 2 strategy the key to winning and your first decision is which race to play. Once you have decided upon Protoss, Terran or Zerg then learn their units and buildings and start developing winning tactics.

Log into a multiplayer game with no opposition and learn all of the units and building capabilities of the Protoss, Terran and Zerg. Try unit vs unit battles to determine which one will win against which. Start with the base combat units. Zerglings, Marines and Zealots. Match them up in various combinations to find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Learn each race’s economy structure and learn what buildings are needed for what upgrades. By learning what buildings and additions do you will have an advantage in Starcraft 2 when scouting the enemy camp. If you just start competing against live players you will not get very far.

Don’t try to master each race all at once. Find one that suits your style of play. Whether you choose Zerg, Terran or Protoss stick with the one you choose. Become faster and more confident managing that race’s units, buildings and various strategies.

Do you like to play with insects and reptiles? The critter like Zerg may be for you. This race relies on massive numbers of units that attack in a swarm. But all that spawning comes with a high material demand so you will need to expand early and keep the resources coming.

A great Zerg strategy, the Zerg rush strategy, utilizes their ability to produce units quickly and inexpensively. Start popping out Zerglings as fast as you can and keep sending them over to your enemies base. Many Starcraft 2 games are won quickly using this tactic.

If you find the Terrans all cute and cuddly then cozy up to them. Terrans are a popular first choice for new players because they are more familiar. The Terran race uses technology to get the job done. They have some awesome unit combinations that are hard to beat. Especially when getting into the middle and later parts of the game.

The Protoss are all business. They have the ability to warp their units all over the map giving them great troop mobility. As a Protoss player you can build your entire base with one probe unit. Very nice. The Protoss have the strongest early game combat unit, the Zealot.

So choose your race wisely and get to know them. Once you are confident playing that race then take a closer look at the other two. If you know your enemy You know how to beat them. Keep in mind that a having a Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide on hand does not hurt either.


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Play the Zerg in Starcraft 2 the way they were intended to be played. Massive units that will strike fast and devastate everything in it’s path. Use the Starcraft 2 Zerg rush tactic to destroy your enemy and claim domination.

The Zerg rush strategy is one of the fastest ways to end a game of Starcraft 2. Build a small tactical force of zerglings and rush your enemies base to catch them when they least expect it. Not only is this the fastest way to victory but the fastest way to rule the Starcraft Universe.

starcraft 2 mission walkthrough Although this Zerg strategy appears very simple at first glance, it has some fine points to it that you must implement. If you ignore the important parts then you could end up having this strategy backfire on you.

Because you are going for a quick attack with your zerglings you are making some sacrifices to your home base defenses and your economy. If you don’t get the most out of your zerg rush strategy then you are left in a very vulnerable position. It is imperative that you always plan ahead and have a backup plan to take over incase you do fail.

Look at your Zerg rush strategy as a way to inflict early damage to your opponents economy and one of the fastest ways to victory. You must control the Zerg rush strategy to get the best result, don’t just send your Zerglings into the enemy base under their own control. You need to try and isolate each gatherer unit and take them out one at a time. Drones, Probes and SCV’s can churn through Zerglings like butter so be wary.

Terran players usually try to block off their base with marines and bunkers. Break through these block off points, destroy the bunkers and watch out for groups of Marines and take them out. Remember you want to hit and run and repeat this process. Once done then you want to cut off the money tree by going after the resources.

Protoss Zealots are tough to kill and can eat Zerglings for a light snack. If you don’t see any Zealots you’re in luck. Start in on the Pylon that is powering the Gateway and destroy it. You may find there will be a Zealot or two running around. Your plan is to isolate, surround and exterminate.

If you’re up against a Zerg opponent chances are you’ll be up against Zerglings trying to do a Zerg rush strategy on your base. You can counter this by giving your Zerglings the Metabolic Boost you will have the advantage over the other Zerg opponent.

If all goes according to plan the other Starcraft 2 player will be screaming at the monitor. Be ready for a string of abuse and name calling from this player. Players will try to set some kind of lame made up rule at the beginning of a game. Don’t let this stop you from implementing the Zerg rush strategy.

Apply the Starcraft 2 Zerg rush strategy as much as possible. Being prepared for a rush on your own base makes you a better Starcraft player. To commit to a rush leaves you exposed so it’s a two way street. The game is meant to be played to win according to the abilities of the player and the attributes of the race picked.


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Are you being dominated on a regular basis playing Starcraft 2 ? Does the competition slaughter your troops before you can build up a decent base camp ? Maybe it is time to up your game and start getting higher in the ranks with completed achievements.

Starcraft 2 Strategies All gamers know that games are developed with cheats and hacks but this takes the fun out of many games. Applying game cheats will also stop you from rising in the ranks. It is better to use a quality Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide that will help you find the best methods of playing.

Having a campaign walkthrough right there with you makes the game more interesting and you have that great feeling of accomplishment without applying cheat codes. A game strategy that I have always found useful was to play through the game once on normal mode.

Then play the game on a higher mode with a strategy guide. By playing on normal mode first you get a feel for the game and understand the basics of how things work. When you go to a higher mode with using Starcraft 2 Strategies then you get that empowering feeling of truly completing the game.

There is more to a strategy guide than just winning, if you want to just win and nothing more than a online game walkthrough will probably do the job. If you are wanting to discover all the Starcraft 2 secrets and how to best play with Terran, Protoss, and Zerg then Starcraft 2 Strategies is exactly what you need.

Acquire a detailed strategy guide for Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty and jumpstart your Starcraft 2 experience now.


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I am a long time standing fan of Blizzard games ever since the mid 90′s when they released Warcraft Orcs & Humans. I remember playing the game for hours on end because it was something nobody else was doing. The game play and the story line was amazing. Blizzard actually took into account the gamers and what they were wanting, needless to say  I was hooked.

I purchased their follow up games which included Starcraft and Diablo which just got better with each expansion pack that was released. As a serious gamer I was amazed at the graphics and the attention to details that they out in every single game Blizzard released.

After I purchased Starcraft Battle Chest, I sat there for endless hours playing because each mission you would take on just left you wanting more. This is one thing Blizzard is extremely good at, leaving you wanting more. Many of us gamers were posting questions on forum wanting to know when Starcraft 2 was going to be released.

It has taken Blizzard a good 12 years before the gamers actually got to see the sequel to Starcraft. In 2010 Blizzard released Starcraft 2 Wings Of Liberty, the gamers and fans finally got what they have been waiting for. Did Starcraft 2 Wings Of Liberty actually deliver though ?

The storyline does continue from the first release of Starcraft and does a great job of keeping you on the edge of your seat. The graphics as with all Blizzard games are just stunning and very high quality. The in-game cinematics are amazingly rendered with the quality many have come to expect from Blizzard.

I really do not want to spoil anything for those that have not purchased Starcraft 2 Wings Of Liberty. Let me just say that Blizzard Entertainment has seriously over delivered with Starcraft II and if you have not purchased a copy for yourself yet then you have no idea what you are missing out on.


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