There are powerful runes in the tynon rune temple which will help increase your hero’s abilities such as attack strength and defense. Obtaining these runes are not always easy and sometimes could cost you millions in coins before you see any decent runes. On avgerage for every 1 million in coins you spend you will obtain about 4,000 in rune experience. This mainly depends upon what runes you capture when you participate in the rune temple. While doing runes you can also obtain rune fragments which can be exchanged for more powerful runes.
  The best runes to use will depend upon the hero’s you have chosen to use in tynon. Some hero’s can use the same runes while other runes will be useless on some hero’s. For example a magic attack rune does no good for your main hero when your main hero is an archer, the magic attack runes obviously should be used for mages. The same is true with morale runes as they are useless on mages due to the fact that mages do not have any skill attack. Morale runes should be used on your main and other hero’s such as adam, cianna, saffron, and etc.
  The yellow runes are the most powerful runes in tynon and your goal is to obtain all the yellow runes for your hero’s. You must use the proper yellow runes for the proper hero though as explained above. When you have saved up 20 fragments you can exchange them for yellow runes. You can capture yellow runes but keep in mind it is 100% random and you may get the same rune you already rune. This is why it is important to save your rune fragments and buy the yellow runes that you desire.
  Building up your runes are just as important as obtaining the yellow runes. You want to build your runes evenly for the best possible stats for your hero’s to have maximum benefits of attacks and/or defense. If you build up your vigor runes to level 5 then you should make sure all other runes are level 5 before making your vigor rune any higher, this is how you build evenly. The red runes are of no use and can only be sold back for 2,800 coins. You can obtain rune shards normally by the advanced rune keepers and can redeem these shards for higher level runes that you can’t seem to capture.
  Discover a more detailed view of the runes by visiting our Tynon Rune Guide and learning more about the most powerful runes in tynon.


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