So there I was playing tynon the online browser game doing my daily stuff and building up my character. Just then Shade messaged me in guild chat and said there was a statue I just had to see in the wilds. I asked shade where she was so she told me she was in the edge of outlands doing some grinding when she came across this statue. So I jumped on my trusty steed and proceeded to the edge of outlands in search of this mysterious statue. The edge of outlands in tynon is a pretty cool place with some very nice scenery, got to give the designers a hand on this one as they did a great job in the image creation.

Tynon Online Game  Anyways, following the directions given by shade I came to this mysterious statue and I just had to make a blog post on this. It seems one of the graphics designer either made a huge mistake or has a very weird sense of humor. As you can see in the screenshot with shade and I, the statue is actually flipping you off. Yes gamers this is what tynon thinks of us… lmao! Maybe one of the designers had a bad day or the wife would not give it up – who knows. None the less it was certainly funny as hell to see it :)

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