There is a difference of opinion on what are the best astrals for knights in wartune. As someone that has played the game since it was created I can give you proven and tested advice on the best astrals. While many seem to think that will destroyer is an excellent astral for knights, I personally disagree. Will destroyer was designed for mages and not knights. The astral may seem like it makes you stronger but in reality it holds you back from making the highest attacks on monsters, bosses, and other players.

Instead of disabling your critical attacks as a knight, you should be using them to get more powerful hits. I play on several servers but the main on is wartune s29 as I am the guild master for xcution, a top ranked guild. Some of the players on the site make fun of us knights that have critical stats and they call us crit knights. Those making the fun are using will destroyer because they was mislead by someone claiming to be an expert on wartune strategy. The thing is these will destroyer knights can’t beat us crit knights without massively potting up, while we beat them with no pots at all.

This is mainly because we have built our knights properly with the proper astrals. Some of those will destroyer knights have even spent thousands of dollars in the game. This is what makes the entire thing funny because we have not spent no where near that kind of money. It seems some just never learn even when you show them The higher your crit stats is the better off your knight will be and this is especially true in world boss fights and guild battle.

The best astrals for knights in wartune are the following:


If you are level 80 then you can include 2 more astrals which could be hp regen and reduce all damage.

For more proven and time tested wartune strategy see our Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing


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