Wartune Players GuideThe official Wartune Strategy Guide brought to you by BestGameFAQs Written by a top Guildmaster in server S29, revealing tips, tricks, Wartune strategies and techniques to conquer the game. Included is a bonus section on how to start your own Wartune Guild and build a following. If you enjoy Role Playing games, MMORPG, and free RPG games online, then this is the book for you!

Discover all the tricks in Wartune with a master’s guide and complete walkthrough to reach Level 60 and beyond. Learn Character Stats Building, Wartune Gold Production tips, All about Astrals and maximizing your stats and strength, how to get Balens for free, farming strategies, Hall of Heroes, Academy and Barracks tricks, blacksmithing, arena battles and PvP battles. Defeat the bosses and level up fast with this intuitive guide for success in Wartunes!

Wartune is a free online RPG or MMORPG game played directly in your browser. It is a free no download game enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide. Currently, Wartune is the most popular and best new game for 2013. The Official Wartunes Strategy Guide shows serious RPG gamers how to beat all the wartune levels. In essence, the guide is your number one source of cheats for wartune, starting with level 1 and taking you all the way to the top levels in the game. Even strategies on how to create your very own guild and succesfully become a strategic guild master.


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