Wartune is an online browser based game that requires no software installation or downloads. Since mid 2012 wartune has spiked in popularity and growth because of the high quality of the graphics and because they are constantly adding on new items to the game. One thing that will never change though, and this is true for all games with multi-player capabilities, is the darker side of the game that has those ego-centric people that just can’t stand to lose and must have drama in the game.

Some of these ego-centric people are so funny at times in world chat when they try to look smart and knowledgeable that they actually look foolish for talking about things they know nothing about. What’s even funnier is how they always seem to make fun of other people in world chat (mainly due to low self esteem and a lack of a real life) when they win a battle but when they are slaughtered you never hear them in world chat. I guess it hurts their ego too much when you beat them and they do not want others to know how badly they was slaughtered.

What these ego-centric people try to accomplish by posting is world chat in wartune is to feed their ego’s because they must have that attention that they crave that they never got when they was growing up. These type of people must try to cause drama constantly in order to feed that need that they have. Many of us just sit there and watch them in world chat laughing at them the entire time and not respond to them. Ignoring people like this is really the best thing to do because you starve them of that attention that they seek. Besides it being funny to watch them starve it also limits the drama that many do not want to deal with in a game.

Maybe one day some of these ego-centric fools in wartune will grow up and realize – It’s Just A Game!

For those of you that already know wartune is just an online browser based game that you play for enjoyment, then visit the wartune website for wartune game strategies.


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