Going through the campaign maps in wartune you will find that they all are different and do offers their own challenges. While some of the campaign maps such as the banshee wetlands wartune is a long map, there are others such as the baylon plains wartune which is short and does not take as long to complete. The larger maps do tend to give out more experience and rewards because there are more monsters, more levels and some even include a sub-boss and boss. Regardless the size of the map any blitz you do will cost 20 stamina, 5,000 gold and each blitz will take 5 minutes.

Ideally you want to make sure you do your blitz on the larger campaign maps though because even though it cost the same as shorter maps, you will obtain more experience and rewards. You want to gain as much rewards from these campaign maps as possible because those rewards will help you build up your character to become strong. There are many items you can obtain from these maps and the rewards seem to be even greater when you do blitz. Blitzing a map you can get gold, daru, vouchers, crypt keys, luck stones, armor, and other useful items. All of these items will help you in some way to build up your character stats.

Beat Wartune Levels

Once you start going through the campaign maps and getting all the rewards you need to focus on a few more other aspects of wartune to obtain the most benefits. Putting your attention on contributing to your guild for guild tower skills is very important as well as building up your wartune astrals and capturing the orange or red astrals so you can level them up. Being focused on all these different parts will give you the strength and power to start beating wartune. Its not that difficult to do it just requires you to condition yourself to stay focused on the important parts and not get distracted by other things.

The best games wartune has events all the time and these events while they offer you some nice rewards they can also be distracting. Try not to focus too much attention on events that require you to do things that are not part of your daily routine. For example if you are limited on the amount of time you can play and you set your goals to do all daily stuff and not battleground but an event comes that requires battleground, then you need to make sure to either increase your time you play or ignore the event.

While most events do offer nice rewards they can also get you off your focus and hinder your character building. Most free rpg games online are designed this way because obviously the developers want you to take part in the events which usually end up getting some people to buy items to complete certain events. This is one way the game makes money, so don’t let it distract you from your goals you set for yourself in building up your character.

2D Browser Games Mmorpg

The browser games that are online these days are designed with certain aspects that do require you to spend money. This is how the free to play browser games stay in business but you do not always need to pay money to become strong in these games. Following helpful strategy guides online will teach you how to become a strong player without breaking your bank by putting hundreds or thousands into an online game. I have seen many players do this because they don’t want to be bothered with real strategies that can be used to build strong characters.

The best Wartunes Strategy that you should learn is that gold is king in wartune. Without the production of gold you will not be able to advance in wartune. While producing gold is free, it does take some work on your part to produce that gold by planting crops, fighting in world boss fights, plundering other players, and through other various methods.


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