There are many wartune tips and tricks that you can use to build a better wartune character and to beat wartune levels. Unlike many you do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in wartune to become a strong player. There are some players that I know of that have spent in excess of $5,000 in wartune but you do not have to do this. You can gain everything that the balen spenders gain (expect maybe wings) it just will take longer.

There are some very strong players in wartune that have spent $0 on balens, they have become strong because they listened to great advice given out by There are many wartune tips and tricks on this site that will help you build proper character stats and help you become a better player. Ill be the first to admit that vip does help a great deal with cool downs but even vip is not needed to become a strong player.

For instance you can plant 1 hour farm seeds and obtain more gold faster vs planting 4 hour farm seeds. Because gold is the most important aspect in wartune, you should be planting mostly all gold along with 1 kyanite seed. If you have your farm level at 30 then you can plant 8 gold and 1 kyanite seed every 1 hour. Doing this will give you the most gold and kyanite every day. Over night when you are offline then you can plant the 4 hour seeds.

Another great wartune tip is to spend most of your gold with your guild until you obtain all guild tower skills. If you have armor to enchant then enchant it and return back to spending most of your gold with your guild. Obtaining these guild tower skills will increase your character stats drastically. Once you have one set of guild skills then spend a little on astrals while still contributing to your guild. This way you can build up your guild skills and astrals at the same time.

Make sure you blitz the catacombs every day to get the most gems. Following the advice by you can get to the level 90 in the catacombs when you are level 45. Once you do get to level 90 or even level 100 then just blitz every day for and stock pile gems until you are able to build level 3, level 4 or level 5 gems. Keep in mind the most important gems are hp, patk (matk for mages), pdef, and mdef. Dont waste your efforts on getting critical or chrisma gems.

None of these wartune tips and tricks cost balens or require you to send money on the game. All of them will help you build up a very strong player so you can actually compete with those balens spenders that spend money because they have no skills. You can learn more effective strategies in the Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing which has many easy to use wartune tips and tricks.


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