Wartune insignias and honor are 2 important aspects of the wartune game. These items will help you build up your character to become strong. Insignias can be obtained in several different ways but the most insignias can be obtained through guild battles. Insignias can also be gained through ballteground, wartune farming, spire chest, and some special events. Your character can gain honor only by participating in guild battles or battleground.

Insignias and honor both work together to help build up your character. You must obtain honor in order to unlock wartune items and gear in the arena shop. You use the insignias to then purchase these items in the arena shop. The higher your honor is the more items and gear will be unlocked. The reason why it is so important to obtain honor and insignias is because the best armor in wartune is located in the arena shop.

Once you reach the level of private with honor you will be able to obtain the first set of armor which is for level 35. Save your insignias to get this armor as it will help your characters strength during battles. Once you obtain the armor then you need to make sure that you fully enchant it for maximum benefits. You can also obtain your first medallion now from the arena shop, this medallion will help you during fights with other players.

Continue to participate in guild battles and arena cross server battles to gain insignias and battleground to obtain more honor. Continue to purchase your gear and medallions in the arena shop. Want to learn more about wartune strategy ? You can check out the full official Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing


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