Wartune has cross server rewards for those that participate in the arena player vs player mode and battlegrounds. When you enter the arena to fight against other players on another server, your obvious goal is to win these battles. Winning each battle will give 15 insignias and 15 pvp points, while losing you just get 5 insignias. The amount of pvp points obtained from battlegrounds varies and are only earned when you kill other players.

Personally by choice I choose not to do battleground in wartune as I find the system setup a bit lame. If you choose to do battleground then you can earn some extra pvp points. The arena should be your main focus though because it is far easier to obtain pvp points + get insignias at the same time. The idea here is to try and obtain as many pvp points as you can in the week provided.

Weekly rewards are paid out on saturday from the points you earned from the previous saturday all the way through friday. If you have obtained at least 1,000 pvp points in the week then you will be granted a warriors mark chest. This chest will contain 1 random item and at least 1 mount spirit card. If you collect 15 mount spirit cards then you can go to the blacksmith and synthesize the cards to obtain the nightshade mount.

To obtain the nightshade mount faster and easier, you should follow the simple strategy below. Before deciding to do arena pvp battles you want to setup a scheduled time where 2 other guild members are going to be on to do the battles with you. Do not choose people outside your guild because all that does is help your competition become stronger. Do battles only with guild members in your guild. Doing so will help strengthen your entire guild.

These 2 guild members should be around your level so you will be matched up better in arena. You chracter and the 2 guildies should have potions on to help you with these battles. No matter how strong you think you are, there is always someone else stronger. So use your potions and even scrolls if you have extra ones. Be prepared to do all 30 battles in arena with your chosen group.

If you use potions and possibly some scrolls and runes along with your group being around the same level, then you should have little trouble winning at least 20 or so battles out of the 30. Keep working at this all week with the same group and your weekly rewards for pvp battles will be waiting for you each saturday.

Need to learn more strategies ? You can check out the full official Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing which has many easy to use wartune strategies.


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